Ranking Every Formula 1 Driver Based On Their Dating Potential According To My Own Thoughs

Like many people with taste, I recently found myself watching every single episode of Netflix's series on Formula 1 racing, Drive to Survive. In the last six months, I watched every single episode of every single season and went from saying, "Why would I care about race cars or whatever?" to recording the 2023 races on YouTube TV. And while I may not be an expert on Formula 1 racing by any means — though I did finally figure out what "DRS" means — I do feel qualified to judge men. And that, folks, is why we are here today. We are here to rank the current male drivers of Formula 1 based on what I imagine it would be like to date them.

Logo for Netflix's "Drive to Survive"

PS: Formula 1 is, like, very brutal, and drivers get fired a lot more than I expected when I started my F1 journey. That being said, these are the current drivers as of Aug. 2023, and who knows if and when that might change.


Author's note: I am aware that many of these men are taken, and that some are even married. But in this fictional world, I have created within this article, they are all single and straight, and this is just for fun. Besides, they are all millionaires and will be just fine. Thank you.

GIF of Maya Rudolph blowing a kiss

Without further ado, let's get into this.

20.Lance Stroll currently driving for Aston Martin

Lance Stroll of Canada driving the Aston Martin

19.Max Verstappen currently driving for Red Bull

A photo of Max Verstappen

18.Logan Sargeant currently driving for Williams

Logan Sargeant, Formula One Driver, Williams Racing

17.Nico Hülkenberg currently driving for Haas

Nico Hulkenberg of Germany and MoneyGram Haas F1 Team

16.Sergio "Checo" Pérez currently driving for Red Bull

Sergio Perez of Mexico and Oracle Red Bull Racing looks on in the Paddock during previews

15.Fernando Alonso currently driving for Aston Martin

: Fernando Alonso of Spain and Aston Martin F1 Team attends the Drivers Press Conference during previews ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Hungary

14.Pierre Gasly currently driving for Alpine

Pierre Gasly of France and Alpine F1

13.Charles Leclerc currently driving for Ferrari

A photo of Charles LeClerc

12.Yuki Tsunoda currently driving for AlphaTauri

Yuki Tsunoda of Japan and Scuderia AlphaTauri

11.George Russell currently driving for Mercedes

A headshot of George Russell

10.Lando Norris currently driving for McLaren

Lando Norris of Great Britain and McLaren F1

9.Oscar Piastri currently driving for McLaren

Oscar Piastri of Australia and McLaren

8.Kevin Magnussen currently driving for Haas

Kevin Magnussen of Denmark and Haas F1

7.Carlos Sainz Jr. currently driving for Ferrari

Carlos Sainz of Spain and Scuderia Ferrari looks on

6.Zhou Guanyu currently driving for Alfa Romeo

Zhou Guanyu of China and Alfa Romeo F1

5.Esteban Ocon currently driving for Alpine

Esteban Ocon

4.Alex Albon currently driving for Williams

Alexander Albon of Thailand and Williams

3.Valtteri Bottas currently driving for Alfa Romeo

Valterri Bottas of Alfa Romeo and Finland

2.Daniel Ricciardo currently driving for AlphaTauri

Daniel Ricciardo of Australia and Scuderia AlphaTauri

1.Sir Lewis Hamilton currently driving for Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton giving a thumbs up

So there you have it. My extremely official yet unofficial ranking of what I imagine it must be like to date the men of Formula 1. Do you disagree with my ranking?