Every Australian citizen is entitled to this unexpected item

Rebekah Scanlan
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There are some great perks to being one of the 25 million lucky people who call Australia home.

But while most of you are probably thinking it’s all about the beaches and sunshine, you may be surprised to learn we’re entitled to a rather unexpected item just for being Aussie.

So brace yourselves people because we’re about to rock your world, particularly if you love the royals.

Every Australian citizen is legally entitled to a free portrait of the Queen. We feel you Meghan. Source: Giphy

Every citizen of the land Down Under is legally entitled to get their very own portrait the Queen, to hang with pride in your own home. Yep, strange but true. 

Voters can cash in on this thanks to the “constituents’ request program,” which makes them eligible to receive “nationhood material” such as Aussie flags, recordings of the National Anthem and that glorious portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

The special image of Her Majesty was reportedly taken specifically for Australians, and features the Queen wearing a “wattle spray” brooch, given to her by then-PM Robert Menzies during Elizabeth’s first royal visit to Australia in 1954.

MP Andrew Hastie poses with his free portrait of the Queen, saying he will proudly hang it in his office. Source: Facebook/AndrewHastie

I mean, just imagine having your mates over for a barbie and showing that off. You’ll be the talk of the town!

But the best part of all this is how easy it is to get your mitts on one. It’s as simple as flicking your local MP an email.

Too easy!

If you’re a major royalist, you can also request a Prince Philip portrait, Vice reports.

Sadly, proud portraits of William and Kate, and Harry and Meghan, are not available. Source: Getty

But sadly, official photos of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan are not available. We’re gutted.

Interestingly, the initiative is only for Australians, so when your family from the UK or Canada are visiting you get extra bragging right’s #sorrynotsorry.

We know what we’ll be doing later.

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