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Freebies or stealing?

One hotel in London has apparently had so many thefts that they have been sending invoices out to thieving guests, The Sun reports. Photo: Youtube

Ever wondered what you can and can’t pinch from hotel rooms?

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Everyone loves a good freebie – especially when you’ve forked out a pretty penny to stay at a nice hotel.

No doubt we’ve all been guilty of topping up our shampoo supplies after a stay.

And while some hotels do have things labelled as ‘yours to keep’, plenty of other stuff goes missing as well.

One member of the hospitality industry revealed on a Quora thread that most hotels now factor theft into their annual budget.

“Perhaps a decade ago, it was a real issue for hotels, but nowadays towels are mostly considered operating supplies and their replacements are very carefully planned for within budgeting.”

If you’re wondering what is fair game and what not to touch, check out the gallery above.

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