Erm, so what actually is Selling The OC's Alexandra Jarvis' real name?

alexandra jarvis real name
So what actually is Alexandra Jarvis' real name?Netflix

We've just about recovered from the dramatic rollercoaster that was season two of Netflix's Selling The OC. From relationship rumours, to friendship breakdowns, to various unseen video tapes, there's a lot to unpack from this new season. But most importantly of all perhaps, what actually is Alexandra Jarvis' real name?

One of the rumours circulating around Alexandra (and there were quite a few) this season was that Alexandra was in fact not her real name. During episode seven, while having dinner with Polly and Ali, Alex Hall said Alexandra's real name was in fact Rachel, saying she had seen it on her boarding pass on the way to Mexico.

"Alexandra Jarvis her real name is Rachel. On the way to Cabo we all boarded together and on her boarding pass it said 'Rachel'. I'm like 'who the f*** is Rachel?' Can people just be themselves?" she said to camera.

alexandra jarvis real name

Given we already know there's a few Alexandras in the office meaning they go by different names anyway, Alexandra Hall goes by Alex, Alexandra Jarvis goes by Jarvis, Alexandra Rose goes by Rose and Alexandra Harper goes by Ali, is it perhaps that surprising Alexandra Jarvis may have another name?

Since the scene aired Alexandra Jarvis has since clarified the issue, explaining her first name is indeed Rachel, but she usually goes by her middle name of Alexandra.

Speaking to ET, about the series launch she said: "My first name is Rachel, my middle name is Alexandra. And in the South it's really common to go by your middle name.

"I just had a nephew born a month ago and he is being called by his middle name. It's just a common thing."

alexandra jarvis real name

So yes, Rachel and Alexandra are both her real names, and we'll all still be calling her Jarvis anyway.

Selling The OC season two is available on Netflix now

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