Erin Molan reveals gross habit: 'Apparently it's disgusting'

Erin Molan has confessed to an unhygienic dental habit that's left her co-hosts shocked.

Erin Molan has revealed a less than hygienic habit on the Hughesy, Ed & Erin show, revealing a teeth-cleaning method that will probably leave most dentists stressed.

Erin brought the divisive habit up to her co-hosts Ed Kavalee and Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes saying she wanted to be reassured that the habit wasn't that odd and that she was "right".

Detailing an incident at the pub over the weekend, Erin said her usage of a Pikster-style dental flosser was being judged.

"Apparently it's disgusting, apparently it's gross, apparently it's unhygienic, apparently it's wrong," Erin said, before being questioned by her co-hosts on what exactly she was doing.

"Are you putting it in your mouth and flicking it across a room, or what?" Hughesy asked.

Erin revealed that at the pub on Saturday she had shared her Pikster with her partner, after getting something out of her own teeth.

Erin Molan
Erin Molan has opened up about a 'digusting' habit. Photo:


'Sounds disgusting'

"Old mate [Erin's boyfriend] had two black dots in between his teeth, so I passed him the flosser I had just used to remove — the pepper I think it was — from his teeth, and he kind of looked at me like 'that's disgusting'," Erin said.

"He begrudgingly used it and then he went to just put it on the plate with the rubbish and I was like 'no no I'll have it back' and he was like 'what?!' and I said 'I keep it in my bag'," she continued.

Erin Molan, Ed Kavalee, Dave Hughes side by side a pikster dental flosser
Erin Molan disgusted her co-hosts with her confession about using the same dental flosser for months. Photo: HIT/Chemist Warehouse

"How long have you had it for?" one of her co-hosts asked.

"This one I reckon... a couple of months," Erin guessed.

Erin said she hadn't offered it to anyone else but her partner, but she had used it a "fair bit" herself, before putting it back in her bag for next time.

"It does sound disgusting," Hughesy said.


A user called in saying she was totally OK with Erin's habit.

"I have one in my wallet, and if I ever go out and get something stuck between my teeth I can use it to get it out," the caller shared, before saying they had kept it in their wallet in a case for months.

When Hughesy questioned if either woman washed the flossers, they both said no.

"It's covered in four different lipsticks and the string bit has thickened because of the saliva it's absorbed," Erin confessed, much to the disgust of her co-hosts.

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