Erin Molan praised for 'strong opinion' of Rihanna: 'Not a hero'

The presenter shared that she doesn't think Rihanna is a 'hero' for performing while pregnant.

Erin Molan has been praised after sharing her 'strong opinion' of Rihanna's Super Bowl performance, where the singer revealed she is pregnant with her second baby.

The radio presenter shared her thoughts on 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin, saying she thought Rihanna's performance was "incredible", but added, "What kind of started to not sit that well with me ... I just found it really interesting that so much of the response to her was that she is essentially a hero because she'd done that pregnant.

"And there were all these tweets and comments and Instagram posts, not just from celebrities, but from everyday people saying, 'Oh gosh, when I was pregnant, I couldn't even walk up the stairs, she's a hero, she's amazing.'

Erin Molan has been praised for sharing her 'strong opinion' of Rihanna's Super Bowl performance, saying the singer isn't 'a hero'. Photo: Getty/Instagram
Erin Molan has been praised for sharing her 'strong opinion' of Rihanna's Super Bowl performance, saying the singer isn't 'a hero'. Photo: Getty/Instagram

"All these guys are tweeting, saying, 'Oh my gosh, women are the superior beings,' and yes, we are obviously," she joked.

"Creating a baby, but also able to perform in front of the world," Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes jumped in.

Erin added Rihanna "did a great job, and that would have been challenging" but the performance wasn't as physically demanding as other halftime shows in the past.

"I also was looking at that going, well, what she's doing is her job as a woman who's pregnant, the same thing everyone else basically does," she said.


"Nurses in operating theatres work up until a week before they give birth, school teachers do it, I live in a building with a lady who's got three under three, ready to pop at any stage, and she basically is with the kids while her husband's at work every day, and every time I see her, I just feel physically exhausted for her.

"So, yes, Rihanna is amazing because she did this incredible performance, which is her job, she sings. But she's also got a lot of support! And what did the performance go for? Like 10 or 15 minutes? Like, amazing, incredible, but let's not put her on a pedestal or have her as a hero, because the women that I see every day, heavily pregnant, doing jobs that go for far longer, are far more arduous, are, I think, more pressure-filled, deserve the accolades as well."

Erin added that she felt that labelling Rihanna a "hero", is almost "the opposite of feminism".


Hughesy then pointed out that Serena Williams won the Australian Open while pregnant and that Erin worked her job right up until she gave birth. Hughesy questioned whether or not she'd been applauded for that, with the presenter joking that people were actually asking her to get off-air sooner.

Many listeners agreed with Erin, with one writing on Instagram, "Spot on Erin".

"100% agree with you Erin," another added, while a third wrote, "100%, women do this every day."

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