Erin Krakow's Behind-the-Scenes Photo of 'WCTH' Co-Star Chris McNally Has Fans Commenting Like Crazy

As When Calls the Heart prepares for its season 11 finale, fans have something to say to none other than Chris McNally.

The Hallmark drama's final episode of the latest season airs on June 23, but ahead of the finale, fans got to see the actor prepping for work in a behind-the-scenes moment. In an Instagram photo uploaded by Chris' co-star Erin Krakow, folks saw Chris standing on set dressed as his character, Governor Lucas Bouchard, with the camera set up behind him while he waits to start filming. What's more, he waved to Erin in the photo, which she cheekily called out in her caption for followers to see.

"#SPS — Serving Politician Salutations," Erin wrote on June 16 while tagging Chris in the image. "@wcth_tv Sunday nights @ 9/8c on @hallmarkchannel."

Given how Chris' character has gone through a formidable story arc throughout When Calls the Heart season 11, folks couldn't help but praise the performance he gave every single week.

"Chris McNally's portrayal of a broken Lucas inside and out has been brilliant and riveting this season. He has knocked it out of the park. I hate the depressing and disrespectful storyline but he has been the bigger man and has been exceptional as usual," one person wrote. "Love Chris!! Best actor on the show!!! So handsome!!" another agreed. "His range and depth as an actor has been incredible in S11! His storyline not so much! Forever my favorite! His generosity & kindness to his fans has been unparalleled. Trending every week, leading man in every way!" a different follower added.

As fans of the show know, Chris' character stepped into a new role as a politician, with the hopes of building a resort in Hope Valley. Amid hesitation from town mayor Lee Coulter (Kavan Smith), the project was eventually shut down after Lucas couldn't get any investors. What's more, he was the victim of a shooting at the end of season 10, with Rosemary Coulter (Pascale Hutton) and Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) investigating who committed the crime.

Needless to say, there's a lot more that fans of Chris's character want to learn.

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