Erin Holland shares crushing IVF blow: 'Physically broken'

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Channel Seven presenter Erin Holland has revealed she’s going through a very tough IVF process with her husband, cricket player Ben Cutting.

Sharing a vulnerable photo of herself in tears, Erin was open and honest about the hard road ahead the couple are facing.

Erin Holland pictured crying while hugging her legs.
Erin Holland has been honest about her tough IVF journey. Photo: Instagram/erinvholland

She started by explaining she went in to freeze her embryos last year, but instead finding out that IVF was the “only real option to have a baby”.

Erin wrote about her conflicting emotions, saying that she felt confused and guilty for being unable to conceive naturally.

“Feeling like the universe was telling me I’m not meant to be a mother, the guilt of letting Ben down, the ‘but am I even ready’ thoughts, feeling physically broken,” she confessed.

“Yesterday we found out that our first round of IVF resulted in nothing viable, and the sense of failure is overwhelming. The toll on the mind and body, the injections, the cost.”


Erin Holland and Ben Cutting pictured together, Erin is wearing pik and Ben is kissing her cheek.
Erin Holland is married to cricketer Ben Cutting. Photo: Instagram/erinvholland

The former Miss World Australia went on to say she’s grateful for modern medicine and the fact that “IVF is even a possibility blows my mind.”

Erin shared the personal reason why she wanted to tell her story, since she has only just started on this IVF journey.

“I thought about only sharing it when it was over, if ever. But maybe that’s not really the point - all I’ve done is seek out information/podcasts/real life accounts from others going through this.

“So here we are. To everyone in a similar boat, I hear you, see you, feel you,” she wrote.

Ben Cutting smiles in his cricket uniform while Erin Holland smiles wearing white.
The couple often share posts of each other on social media. Photo: Instagram/erinvholland

Her friends and fans were quick to applaud the presenter for being so brave, with model Lauren Vickers writing: “You’re a bloody strong woman Bella - this is such a hard thing to go through and we’ll be behind you every step of the way.”

“Oh precious Erin, I’m hurting for you and wish I could hug you right now. You have a natural nurturing quality I recognised the moment we met. This will happen. I’m sorry the road has to be so tortuous. But your village will hold you,” cookbook author Silvia Colloca replied.

Former Neighbours star Bonnie Anderson also chimed in, "Awww Erin! Sending you so much love beautiful lady! Love you girl."

One of Erin’s fans encouraged her to keep going, “If anyone can get through this, it’s you,” with another adding, “You are so brave. We can do this. You’re not alone.”

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