The Equalizer 3 director reveals most challenging scenes

The Equalizer 3 is soon set to hit the big screen with Denzel Washington's Robert McCall back in action.

However, with McCall coming face-to-face with the Mafia for this final chapter, the thrilling threequel wasn't easy to make.

Reflecting on his filming experience, director Antoine Fuqua's spoken out about some of the difficulties that arose while making the movie.

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Chatting exclusively with Digital Spy, Fuqua revealed that some of the biggest challenges he encountered were due to the film being set in picturesque Italy.

"The final moment of Vincent was tough, because we were in Naples, in the streets," he explained. "And the weather. Some tough nights there."

However, the director made it clear his lead actor seemed unfazed by the challenges of the shoot.

"What I love about Denzel is he starts to embody the character and everything melts away," Fuqua remarked. "All the difficulties, the police over there, the bad guys over there… It sort of melts away."

denzel washington, the equalizer 3
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It seems Naples wasn't the only Italian filming location that proved difficult, as Fuqua went on to detail his experience filming elsewhere in the country.

"Many challenges, of course. The language, shooting in a difficult place like the Amalfi Coast," he said. "Beautiful as it is, it's very complicated to get all of the equipment and everything there, but it was absolutely worth it when you look at the shots, and look at the location, it's amazing.

"And all the people there were incredible, so yeah, all worthwhile I believe."

denzel washington, the equalizer 3
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Despite the varying production challenges, Fuqua insisted he enjoyed returning for the third instalment in the Equalizer franchise and said he can't wait for fans to watch it.

"I think they'll enjoy it quite a bit. I think they'll enjoy the location, the Robert McCall situation that he finds himself in. They'll enjoy the action, and also the end result is satisfying I believe," he said.

Teasing what fans can expect from the film, the director hinted that the plot closes a door on McCall's story.

When asked if fans can expect to see the iconic character again in the future, Fuqua replied: "I would say no. I think this is it".

The Equalizer 3 is out in UK cinemas on August 30 and in US cinemas on September 1.

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