The most epic 'wrong number' text ever

Aletha Wilkinson
Acting Head of Lifestyle

We’ve all done it: sent a text to the wrong person.

Most of the time, they let us know, we say “Oops, sorry!” and everyone moves on.

This is where the original sender should have stopped. Source: Imgur

Sometimes, though, things go a little off script.

But no. She doesn't believe she made a mistake. Source: Imgur

Read on…

Lady, you're being messed with! Get a clue! Source: Imgur

For some reason, the original sender refused to accept she could possibly have reached the wrong person.

Keep diggin' that hole. Source: Imgur

Not even photo evidence can persuade her.

The level of self-delusion here... Source: Imgur

It’s hard to understand how she’s still not getting it.

That's a lot of detail for a lying teenage daughter, don't you think? Source: Imgur

She gets so angry.

Can you imagine how much the guy is laughing at this point. Source: Imgur

So, so angry.

Now we're back to the original topic – groceries. Source: Imgur

Then she starts really getting stuck in.

Woah! Time to calm it down, mama. Source: Imgur

Then the penny drops.

The penny drops, and so does her vocabulary. Source: Imgur

Now she’s not just angry, she’s mortified as well. But does she stop?

This is incredible. Source: Imgur

Does she heck!


The perfect comeback. And... cut. Source: Imgur


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