Man's game-changing salad advice goes viral on Twitter

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
A man has changed his game changing tips for preparing salad. [Photo: Getty]

A man’s salad advice has gone viral after he shared a list of tips to liven up people’s “dull and flavourless” lettuce.

Elan Gale, an LA-based author and television producer best known for his work on ‘The Bachelor’ series, tweeted a thread all about how many people go wrong with putting together a salad.

“I’ve got some NEWS for you people,” he declared, in a now-viral Twitter thread which has received thousands of likes and retweets.

While some might consider salad to be simply a few lettuce leaves on the side of a plate, others enjoy the “salad bar” approach of putting anything and everything into their bowl of greens.

Elan goes the extra mile to illustrate all the different flavours and ingredients you can bring to the healthy meal option.

His nine-point strong list offers helpful hints pertaining to the different elements of a salad, from what to put in your dressing to using multiple different types of lettuce rather than just one.

Elan also recommends seasoning your ingredients before you add them to a salad “as if you were going to eat each ingredient individually”.

Later down, he talks about adding strong flavours such as feta cheese, jalapeños and horseradish in order to make salads more exciting.

Others weighed in with their own salad additions in response to the thread – from adding different types of fruit to their own personal salad dressing recipes.

Maybe we can make friends with salad after all.

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