Bride left in tears after entire wedding bets on when couple would divorce

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Sad bride sitting with hand on forehead in living room at home
A bride was left in tears after some seriously inappropriate betting on her wedding day. Photo: Getty

A best man has taken to Reddit to ask ‘am I the a**hole’ for taking bets on when the bride and groom (his friend) would get divorced.

“I feel pretty bad about how it went down by my intentions were pretty honourable,” he started the post, which was later shared to a wedding group on Facebook as well.

He explains that the idea was to take bets of $50 and have people guess which year the pair might get divorced. If anyone would end up getting it right they would win the lot. All up $3000 was collected on the night. And if the couple lasted longer than the latest bet, they would take home the winnings.

“That was the twist that I meant to convey to them. Sure it was a real bet, but if they stayed together they could win three grand in 2041,” he continued.

“When I was explaining the bet during my best man speech, that was how I was going to end: ‘But we all know none of us are going to be winning that bet, because you two will be together forever’.”

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He revealed his plan during his best man speech. Photo: Getty

The man said he didn’t think they would ever get divorced because they were “perfect for each other” and that was the intended message.

“It was supposed to be kind of a fun silly thing,” he wrote.

“But before I could even get to that part the bride started crying, and the parents and bridesmaids were all yelling at me, and the groom (my best friend of decades) was furious.”

Even though he tried to explain his plan, his friend wasn’t having a bar of it and the bride felt “betrayed by everyone” who had taken part in the betting.

“Needless to say I feel really bad, it was meant to be a nice gesture,” he concluded.

“I know I went about it the wrong way but I don’t feel I was the a**hole here.”

Most people thought the idea was definitely a bad one.

“I think there is no way this could be pulled off without everyone who participated looking like a**holes,” one person commented.

“Yes you are in fact the a**hole,” another wrote.

“Yeah he pretty much single-handedly ruined their wedding day, and caused the couple to question the loyalty of their closest friends,” another agreed.

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