The Entire Bridgerton Family Tree, From Violet to Hyacinth

The famously prolific family can be hard to keep up with.



Each season of Bridgerton (and the eight corresponding books) follows one of the esteemed Bridgerton siblings as they find true love in Regency England. As one of the ton's most well-known families, the Bridgertons attract their share of drama, but you can't deny their luck in love. Their uncommon fortune makes more sense when you consider the example set for them by their parents.

Violet and Edmund met as childhood neighbors and rivals, but once they reconnected as adults, their connection was immediate—Violet recalls barely being able to remember her name. They married soon after, assuming the titles of Viscount and Viscountess Bridgerton, and shared a prolific marriage, welcoming eight alphabetically named children, Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. Though Edmund dies before Bridgerton begins, his love for Violet is apparent, and sets a high standard for each of his children as they navigate courtship and marriage.

Neither the books nor the show follows the siblings' love stories in order of age—Daphne, the fourth sibling, is the subject of the first season, Anthony the second, and Colin the third. While the books go: Daphne, Anthony, Benedict, then Colin, followed by Eloise, Francesca, Hyacinth, and Gregory. Each season brings new spouses, titles, and grandchildren, making the Bridgerton family tree all the more confusing. We broke it down so you don't have to. Here, in its entirety, is the Bridgerton family tree.

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Violet and Edmund Bridgerton

Born Violet Ledger, the Bridgerton matriarch became viscountess when she married her true love and childhood friend Edmund, the eighth Viscount Bridgerton. The couple went on to have eight alphabetically named children: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth, the last of which was born shortly after Edmund's untimely death. Their love story is one for the ages and the source of inspiration for their children, who forge equally profound connections across the eight Bridgerton books and corresponding Netflix show.

Anthony and Kate Bridgerton

The first child and eldest son of Violet and Edmund Bridgerton, Anthony becomes viscount at just 18 years old after his father's early death. Though barely an adult himself, he serves as head of his household and surrogate father to his younger siblings. Seeing how his father's death devastated his mother, and convinced he'll meet the same fate, Anthony is determined to spare his future wife the heartbreak and pursue a loveless marriage. But he meets his match in Kathani Sharma, an equally headstrong eldest child, and is swept begrudgingly off his feet. Season three of Bridgerton sees the new viscountess expecting her first child, and in the books, the pair welcomes four children total: Edmund, Miles, Charlotte, and Mary.

Benedict Bridgerton

The second son of Violet and Edmund Bridgerton, Benedict lacks a title and subsequent responsibilities and enjoys more freedom than his older brother Anthony. He pursues art school, Madame Delacroix, Lady Tilley Arnold, and her friend Paul, and presumably runs the estate while Anthony is on his honeymoon and in India. His love story has yet to be told on the show, but in the books, he marries Sophie Beckett, the illegitimate daughter of an Earl. The two live in the country, away from society, where Sophie is not entirely accepted.

Colin and Penelope Bridgerton

Colin Bridgerton is the third of eight children and the class clown of the crew. The fourth Bridgerton book and third season of the show see him marry his longtime friend Penelope Featherington, also a close friend of Eloise. In the finale, the couple shows off their baby boy, who, as the first baby boy in the Featherington family, inherits the title of Lord Featherington.

Daphne and Simon Basset

We first meet the Bridgerton family during Daphne's debut season, in which she meets and marries Simon, the Duke of Hastings. She's the fourth Bridgerton child, the eldest daughter, and the first to marry, at which point she assumes the title of the Duchess of Hastings.

Daphne and Simon meet at a ball, and after he saves her from an aggressive suitor, they enlist each other in a scheme. They begin a fake courtship to attract better suitors for her and detract attention from him. But the duke is an old friend of Daphne's brother Anthony, who can't seem to swallow the idea of them together. Naturally, their fake courtship sparks real passion, and when Anthony catches them embracing in a hedge maze, they marry to preserve Daphne's honor. Despite their union's scandalous origins, Daphne and Simon are a love match. The end of Bridgerton season one saw them welcoming their first child, August (Auggie) Basset, and in the book series, they have five children total.

Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise Bridgerton is the fifth child of Violet and Edmund and their most outspoken. She makes her societal debut in season two but has little interest in finding a husband. Instead, she's focused on uncovering Lady Whistledown, reading feminist theory, and spending time with her good friend Penelope Featherington.

In the Bridgerton books, she eventually marries Sir Phillip Crane, becomes stepmother to his two children, and welcomes three of her own.

Francesca and John Stirling

Francesca is the sixth child and third daughter of Violet and Edmund Bridgerton. She's uncharacteristically quiet and reserved compared to her boisterous siblings. When she makes her debut in season three, she's eager to settle down and run her own, more peaceful home. She marries John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin, and assumes the title of the Countess of Kilmartin. The pair reside in his family home in Scotland.

In the Bridgerton books, John dies an early death, leaving behind no children. Francesca later remarries and has two children with her new husband. However, given the end of season three of Netflix's Bridgerton, Francesca's character seems poised to take a different path.

Gregory Bridgerton

Gregory Bridgerton is the seventh child and youngest son of Violet and Edmund Bridgerton. In season one of Bridgerton, he's just 12-years-old, and by season three he's yet to enter society, so he doesn't attend social events with the rest of the family. Instead, he mostly stays at home with Hyacinth.

The eighth Bridgerton book tells Gregory's love story with Lady Lucinda Abernathy. The pair eventually welcome nine children.

Hyacinth Bridgerton

Hyacinth is the youngest Bridgerton. She was born a few months after her father's death and has only ever known Anthony as the head of her household. In the first three seasons of Bridgerton, she is 10, 11, and 12 years old, respectively, and has yet to make her debut in society. She remains mostly at home, taking lessons with her governess and antagonizing Gregory.

In the Bridgerton books, Hyacinth marries Lady Danbury's grandson, Gareth St. Clair, with whom she has two children, George and Isabella.

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