England fan denies sleeping during Euro match

Freddie Hahn asleep
Freddie Hahn was photographed having a nap at England’s 0-0 draw with Slovenia [Getty Images]

An England fan pictured apparently asleep at the Three Lions' last Euro 2024 game has said the photograph was taken well before kick off.

The picture of Freddie Hahn, who lives in Crawley, West Sussex appeared on the front page of several national newspapers following England’s drab goalless draw against Slovenia on Tuesday.

The 32-year-old said he took the chance to have a nap after a few beers in the sun as he rarely gets the chance to snooze at home, where he cares for a toddler.

He said he and his friends had arrived at the ground early to set up their flag.

Freddie Hahn unfurling his large England flag
Mr Hahn says he napped after getting to the ground early to set up his flag [BBC]

He said fans who want to set up a flag need to "beat the rush", so his friends would get to stadiums three hours before kick off.

"The nap was two and a half hours before kick off," he added.

Mr Hahn, who manages Crawley Devils in the Mid Sussex League, said he put his tiredness down to having a few beers, the sun and "having a one-year-old son back home".

He wanted to "get some peace and quiet wherever I can”, he said.

Freddie Hahn asleep at England game
Mr Hahn says a wider shot shows the picture was taken ahead of kick off with several empty seats [Getty Images]

Mr Hahn went to the same Crawley school as England manager Gareth Southgate.

"I sympathise with some of the other fans thinking he's a bit boring at times," he said.

"But being a local boy, I support him and have a bit of sympathy for him."

England face Slovakia in last 16 of the tournament on Sunday at 17:00 BST.

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