The emotional story behind Sam Frost's secret project

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Former Bachelorette Sam Frost has opened up about the new secret project she’s been hinting at for months, revealing there’s a deeply personal experience behind the concept.

The Home & Away star told Be at the InStyle Women of Style Awards recently that ‘Believe by Sam Frost’ was an aid for women affected by mental illness.

Sam Frost opened up about her new project. Source: Instagram/fro01

“I can’t give away too much but it is in the mental health section, particularly towards young women,” she said.

Though Sam didn’t divulge anything else, saying it was “all I can say so far,” she has been vocal about the fact her life has been touched by mental illness in the past.

The 29-year-old — who is dating builder Dave Bashford — has spoken out about her struggles during her split from Bachelorette partner Sasha Mielczarek, saying at one point she was so low she reached “breaking point”. 

Sam and Sasha at the Logies in 2016 before their breakup. They were together for 18 months. Source: Getty

“I reached breaking point last year,” she told Sydney Confidential in April last year. “I was like, ‘oh my goodness I am really, really struggling with my mental health’.”

She went to explain that their romance breaking down left many of the show’s fans disappointed, describing the criticism as “relentless”.

Unable to understand why strangers were being so cruel, she told the publication she went into a “very dark place”.

Before their breakup, Sam became the target of trolls over her struggling breakfast radio show with Rove McManus.

After months of abuse, Sam alarmed fans with a tweet that said she was “broken”.

“To the fake accounts heavily trolling me online & into my personal life. If you wanted to break me.. Congratulations you have won. #broken” she wrote in June 2016.

The pair were later fired from 2DayFM because of their struggling ratings which had suffered when Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson moved to rival stations KIIS FM, taking their loyal listeners.

Sam admitted she was “broken” after being trolled over the fact her radio show with Rove McManus, pictured, was a flop. Source: 2DayFM

When she talked about the concerning tweet on air days later, she admitted she felt as if she “didn’t want to wake up” anymore.

“I don’t want to be here anymore and I said, ‘I don’t want to wake up every day anymore,’ and it wasn’t until I said that out loud… that I realised that it’s not fair for me to want to give up,” she said.

Sam’s not the only person in her family to have been affected by mental health issues, with her mum Debbie living with depression and anorexia.

The TV star wrote about what it was like growing up with Debbie in a post on her blog The Langauge of Sam back in 2014, describing her mum as an “inspiration”.

Her mum Debbie, centre, has battled with mental illness for years and Sam talked about it on her blog in 2014. Source: TheLangaugeOfSam

She explained that Debbie struggled when her marriage to her dad ended was she three years old, making life extremely tough on them.

She “worked through her long battle with anorexia and bulimia” whilst holding down two jobs to support Sam and her three siblings.

Two years later her mum met her step-dad Paul, who Sam credits as the man who was her family’s “saving grace”.

However he died suddenly at the age of 55 from a stroke, causing her mum’s health to spiral out of control.

Her step dad Paul’s sudden death caused her mum’s health to deteriorate. Sam pictured with Paul, aged five. Source: TheLangaugeOfSam

“Unfortunately his passing, took it’s toll on my beautiful mum,” she wrote. “It triggered her depression once again and she quickly spiralled into a very dark place. In hindsight, we should have sought help at the point. But we didn’t.”

All of these experiences could be what Sam’s drawing on in her mission to help young women going through something similar.

Despite being slammed repeatedly, the TV star’s baring all for a meaningful cause, proving she’s an incredibly brave and fearless woman.

Fans agree too, with streams of comments on her announcement post showing her heaps of love and support.

Definitely needed this today,” one user wrote, underneath a post on the ‘Believe’ Instagram page that shared an inspiring message of hope. 

“To be honest I’ve been having a really rough time lately but you’ve made me smile with this,” another said. 

While the passion project so far is still shrouded in mystery, we now know it is set to bring hope and support to those who have been affected in the way Sam and her family have.

With cyberbullying statistics at a frighteningly high rate across Australia right now, this couldn’t be coming at a better time.

Additional reporting by Alicia Vrajlal

If you’re experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression contact Beyond Blue or PANDA for support.

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