Emmerdale's Victor Anderson to flee after theft allegations

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Victor Anderson is set to flee the village in upcoming scenes after he's accused of stealing Manpreet's necklace.

As regular viewers will know, Victor was recently released from prison after serving a long sentence for his involvement in a violent robbery.

While Claudette has decided to give her estranged husband another chance, Charles is far more sceptical about whether his father has changed his ways.

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Charles confronts Victor about worming his way back into Claudette's life in upcoming scenes, but when Victor starts acting smug about it, things turn physical.

When Claudette walks in on the two fighting, she blames Charles and berates him with a slap.

Meanwhile, Manpreet meets with Jai and begrudgingly agrees to return the necklace her late ex-husband Rishi gave to her.

charles anderson, claudette, victor, emmerdale

Still furious with Charles for siding with Jai over the necklace, which is a Sharma family heirloom, Manpreet confronts him about it and they get into a heated row.

Things worsen for Charles when he realises Victor has overheard them. When Victor goads him about it, Charles is more determined than ever to get rid of his father.

The next day, Jai arrives to collect the necklace. However, Manpreet quickly realises it's missing and is immediately suspicious of Victor.

victor, claudette anderson, manpreet sharma, emmerdale

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While Claudette initially believes her husband is innocent, she is horrified to discover the jewellery in Victor's pocket.

Manpreet contacts the police, but Victor isn't willing to risk a trip back to prison and makes a hurried escape.

Later, when PC Swirling is questioning Manpreet and Claudette about the robbery, Charles arrives home. Is Victor truly to blame? Or is this a cunning ploy concocted by Charles to finally get rid of his father?

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