Emmerdale's Cain Dingle left furious over Caleb and Nate's secret

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Cain Dingle has been left furious after learning the truth about Caleb Miligan and Nate Robinson's secret business.

Over the last several weeks, Caleb has been trying to funnel business to Cain's garage with the chauffeur business he's been anonymously operating.

The whole arrangement was threatened recently when Caleb's business associate Nate discovered that employee Corey was using the cars to shift illegal guns for local crime boss Harry.

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In Thursday's (August 31) double bill, Caleb was busy setting up a business meeting with Harry while Nate decided to come clean with Tracy about his recent dodgy dealings.

Tracy was irate to hear Nate has put their family at risk, so she begged him not to meet with Harry alone — at the very least, she wanted Nate to bring Cain with him for protection.

Caleb was the one to meet with Harry first, as he put on a brave face while insisting all illegal business through his chauffeur service would need to stop immediately.

The dispute escalated to the point where Harry and his goons physically attacked Caleb, essentially leaving him for dead. At the same time, Nate warned Cain that his brother was in danger and they raced to find Caleb, only to discover him on the verge of death following Harry's attack.

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Caleb refused to go to the hospital due to the suspicion it would raise, so Nate and Cain were forced to call in local doctor Liam Cavanagh to provide a life-saving treatment discretely.

Nate suddenly found himself on the outs with his loved ones, with Tracy refusing to let him come back home and Cain demanding to know the full extent of Caleb's operation. Under pressure, Nate finally cracked and confessed that Caleb owned the chauffeur business that had been funnelling so much business to Cain's garage.

"He wanted to help you," Nate insisted.

Cain threw Nate out, but not before warning him that Caleb was going to "get what's coming to him".

The revelation is set to cause yet another conflict between Cain and Caleb next week, as the two face off over the latest round of lies.

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