Emmerdale: Charles lashes out at Tom

Episode 9794 – 9795 | Airs Thursday 28 September 2023 at 19:30 on ITV1

Hour-long episode

Tom is troubled to see Charles drinking heavily in The Woolpack. After trying to sympathise with Charles, Tom only riles him up more.

Charles lashes out and Tom retorts, but soon finds himself pinned to the bar by the vicar, to the shock of all onlookers.

After threats and placations all around, the arrival of Charles' family finally snaps him out of his rage to release Tom. As Charles flees, his family are concerned.

Meanwhile, Chas and Paddy are grateful to be united as they explain Paddy and Mandy's relationship to Eve, but later Chas struggles to hide her jealousy.

Elsewhere, Tom is completely devastated when Belle tells him she can't move in with him yet.

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