Emma Stone And Nathan Fielder Hilariously Trolled Sydney Sweeney And Glen Powell's New Romantic Comedy Trailer

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell dropped a new teaser for their romantic comedy Anyone But You yesterday.

Twitter: @SonyPictures

The movie is about Sydney and Glen ending up at a destination wedding after going on a single date and hating each other.

As you can see, they did a little *jokey* introduction. It was cute.

Glen and Sydney standing side-by-side
Sony Pictures

Then, today, completely out of left field, Emma Stone and Fielder dropped a nearly identical video for their TV show, The Curse.

Twitter: @nathanfielder

The Curse is about newlyweds who start a problematic HGTV-like show in New Mexico

IGN combined both of trailers, and as you can see, Emma and Nathan completely nailed it.

Twitter: @IGN

Kudos to them for getting this out within 24 hours! They got my attention, and I'll definitely be checking this one out now.

the two in front of the camera like sydney and glenn

Anyone But You is in theaters Dec. 22, and The Curse is currently streaming on Showtime.