Emma Stone ditches her natural hair colour, dyeing her locks once again

Today, in my household, on a seemingly bleak winter's morning, a revelation has been disclosed; Little to my knowledge, Emma Stone is not a natural redhead?! I know, shocker. And not only that but she's ditched – what I now know to be – her own-grown blonde hair colour for her trademark hue.

OK, so, in simpler terms, earlier this year, the actor bleached her signature copper auburn locks a 'mini milk' blonde tone. But now (as in, just a few days ago), Emma has reverted back to the OG look, dyeing her tresses a true strawberry blonde. You keepin' up?

Here is a before look at Emma's hair from early November:

emma stone
Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

And the after 'do courtesy of her attendance at the red carpet premiere of Poor Things, 6 December, 2023:

emma stone dyes her hair
Taylor Hill - Getty Images

Quite the transformation, right? And ofc, as gorgeous as ever!

Now, if, like me, you were to believe that Emma's au naturel roots were that of those in Easy A, you would be wrong.

Back in 2010, Emma shared how she originally ended up with red hair in an interview with The Independent. "When I first moved to LA, I had this agent who thought, because I was blonde, that I only wanted to play cheerleaders," she said.

"So she'd send me out for all these parts where they thought: 'What a weird 15-year-old. It's not going to work out!' I don't know if anyone necessarily underestimated me as a blonde – I think I just had a crappy agent. So one day, in a fit of trying to do something different, I just dyed my hair dark brown and got my first role a week later, after which I thought: 'People are closed-minded, man! Like a different hair colour changes everything!' Then, for Superbad, my hair was brown at the test, but Judd [Apatow] said to dye it red, and I've mostly had red hair ever since."

Yep, it's all been a lie... or a box of hair dye. Who knew!?

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