Emma Freedman's essential race day tips

Rebekah Scanlan

She was born into racing royalty so Emma Freedman knows a thing or two about how to have the best possible race day.

Ahead of The Star Doncaster Mile next weekend the Triple M radio host and Star ambassador shared her top tips with Be, from race day fashion down to how to handle that free-flowing champagne.

With Emma heading to race days "since forever" she totally has you covered when it comes to making sure you're race ready this Autumn Carnival.

Emma Freedman is a race day pro and is sharing her tips to having a successful day at the track. Source: Getty

Always wear a pair of shoes you've worn before

"You never want to wear a brand new pair of shoes to the races, it's just so uncomfortable and you end up feeling like you want to take your shoes of by the end of the day," Emma says.

Her advice is to wear a pair that has been "worn in a little bit" to help beat those achy arches that can often blight a fun day out.

Stylish but practical! Trust Emma, she's been there before and here to save you from blisters. Source: Getty

Pace yourself

"In terms of enjoying yourself pacing yourself is key," she tells Be. "Don't go too hard too early on the bubbles."

The radio-host — who is the daughter of five time Melbourne Cup winning horse trainer Lee Freedman — suggests having a "glass of water to every boozy beverage" to ensure not overdoing it and ending up in some of those not-so-flattering snaps from the end of the day and guarantee you're 'tidy'.

Be careful with your booze. It's too easy to have too much of a good thing at the races. Source: Getty

Have a flutter

"I always encourage ladies to have a little bit of a bet," the 28-year-old says, reminding to gamble responsibly and only spend "within your means."

"It does make the day really exciting if you are invested in a horse, or in a race," Emma adds. "You have a keener eye as to what's going on."

Bring your purse, but don't spend more than you can afford. Source: Getty

She also recommends you follow a jokey for the day or if all else fails, choose a horse with a name that appeals to you or from a "colour that tickles your fancy".

Choose a weather appropriate outfit

"At this time of year, you'll need to chose something that is warmer or that can be paired with a jacket or a trench coat," Emma says.

The Sunday Sports presenter is a fan of long-sleeves during Autumn as they're 'elegant' and recommends everyone goes for a dress that really "suits your body shape."

Emma is a fan of long-sleeved dresses but says you should wear something you'll feel comfortable in. Source: Getty

"I'm really good in waisted dresses or skirts, so I usually wear something that comes in at the waist and then flairs out," adding that being 'comfortable' was also a top factor in any fancy ensemble requirements.

Present yourself in an elegant fashion

Emma also had one piece of fashion advice that she swears by and that was "never wear anything too short to the track."

"You always want to leave a little bit to the imagination," she laughs. "You want to look and feel your best, but you also want to respect the traditions."

The races are seeped in tradition so Emma, seen here with her fiancé, suggests avoiding short dresses. Source: Getty

Go for a headpiece

"For autumn you typically go for a felt material as it's more wintery and in line with the season, but I also like these metallic fixtures at the moment," she tells Be, revealing she uses an Adelaide based milliner called Sylvy Earl to design her race day headwear.

She's not afraid to rock a headpiece and neither should you be. Source: Instagram/EmmaFreedman

"I call them headpieces not fascinators," she adds. "I hate the word fascinators."

Emma will be celebrating The Star Doncaster Mile Luncheon will take place at BLACK Bar & Grill on Thursday, April 5 alongside fellow ambassador Jennifer Hawkins who is set to wear a $3million headpiece that matches the race prize money.

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