Aussie influencer Emma Carey shares dire warning about breast implants

Kristine Tarbert
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Emma Carey had her breast implants removed. Photo: Instagram/Em_Carey

Emma Carey became known as the ‘girl who fell from the sky’ after her parachutes failed while skydiving over the Swiss Alps in 2013 leaving doctors telling her she would never walk again.

However, the 26-year-old has miraculously been able to defy that prognosis, and has been building a public profile by sharing her story. And now she’s using that reach to share important messages with her 160k followers on Instagram.

Posting a photo of herself holding breast implants in front of her bare chest on Wednesday, Emma has detailed her decision to undergo a breast augmentation, and why she has since decided to have the implants removed.

Emma admitted she chose to have the surgery at a time when she felt like her body was broken and she just ‘wanted something to be perfect’.

“Dear anyone who has ever considered altering their body,” she captioned the images. “I understand how it feels to be there and wonder ‘what if’?”

Emma got breast implants after her accident. Photo: Instagram/Em_Carey

“For some people, it might be the allure of confidence, of femininity, of ‘fixing’ something that changed after you grew a human. Or maybe it’s to fit better in clothes, to appear more attractive for a partner. Or maybe it’s something you just want to do for you,” she added, revealing for her it was none of those things.

“I never really understood why exactly I did it, but when I woke up from having them removed I was crying to my mum and boyfriend saying ‘every part of me was broken, I just wanted one part to be perfect’. So I guess for me it was the idea that I could fix myself.”

In a previous post, Emma detailed how her health took a turn for the worse after getting the implants, which ultimately contributed to her decision to have them removed earlier this year.

She kept experiencing ‘random symptoms’ including weight gain, constant fatigue, poor memory, psoriasis on her face, hair loss and pericarditis, which is the inflammation of the tissue around the heart.

And despite achieving the look she had envisioned, Emma found that she didn’t actually recognise herself when she looked in the mirror, and that having the ‘perfect’ boobs did not make her happier, or ‘heal’ her, like she thought they would.

“Changing my body did not in any way change the person I am,” she said.

“I would look in the mirror and not recognise myself. I didn’t resonate with the reflection of me that wasn’t as nature intended. I didn’t empathise with the girl who altered the body she had so much love and respect for.

“As soon as I had them removed, I felt an overwhelming sense of being home. I felt like myself again and I didn’t even realise how much I had missed her until I had her back,” she concluded.

The post has gained over 16k likes and over 300 comments with plenty of people thanking her for being honest about her choice.

“This is by far one of the most amazing pieces you have written. Has resonated so much to me,” one fan commented.

“Needed to read this, thank you,” another added.

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