Emily VanCamp Talks Revenge With marie claire

She may play a cold-hearted schemer on the hit TV show Revenge, but in real life, Emily VanCamp is "a complete softie" who shuns the fast-paced LA lifestyle.

Thoughtful, funny and articulate, VanCamp has clearly won over her co-stars, who can't stop praising her on the set of the marie claire Australia April issue photoshoot.

"Emily is one of the most warm-hearted people in the world," says Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan on the show. "The last person to go around destroying one life after the next."

Adds VanCamp, "this is one of the first times I can safely say that we're all friends outside of work. Everyone is so different, but we mesh perfectly."

However, the far-reaching success of the show is something VanCamp admits she would not have been able to handle had she been younger.

"Everyone wants a piece of you," she explains.

As if to prove her point, the marie claire photoshoot is rammed with assistants, makeup artists and even dog trainers.

"How many people does it take to shoot a cover star?" asks marie claire editor/publisher Jackie Frank. "It was frantic on the set, with everyone from make-up artists to dog handlers working their magic. What really struck me was how at ease the cast were with one another, but it was the charming Gabriel Mann (who plays Nolan on Revenge) who completely stole my heart!"

In the April issue of marie claire, onsale today, VanCamp touches on everything from fashion to heartbreak to revenge.

"I think I tend more towards the side of forgiveness," she says. "The show is actually incredibly therapeutic. I beat the crazy out of myself at work and then go home and lead a normal life."

However, VanCamp's character on Revenge, Emily Thorne, is perhaps not as forgiving.

"I'm not sure she'll ever find true happiness," VanCamp muses. "One of her greatest flaws in this quest for revenge is that she cannot separate what she's doing from her true feelings."

'''The April issue of marie claire is out now - grab your copy to read the full interview and view the three consecutive covers starring Emily and the boys from Revenge. Don’t miss marie claire cover girl Emily VanCamp on Revenge, 8.45pm Mondays on Channel 7, or catch-up with PLUS7.

Watch Emily VanCamp and the boys from Revenge chat to marie claire's editor/publisher, Jackie Frank.

Pictured: the three consecutive marie claire April covers.

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