Embrace The Pumpkin Spice Life And Add Fall Flavors To Your Ramen

bowls of pumpkin spice ramen
bowls of pumpkin spice ramen - Miriam Hahn/Mashed

Whenever the fall season approaches, you may find yourself venturing out to score a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. While pumpkin spice is most often enjoyed in seasonal beverages or baked goods, this fall-staple flavor doesn't always have to be a dessert. "Ramen" and "pumpkin" are two words that normally wouldn't even be in the same conversation, so you might not have expected this kind of dish to even be in the realm of possibility. But in the same way that you'd warm yourself up with a spiced bowl of butternut squash soup, this fall-coded ramen is similarly sweet and savory. The only difference (besides the type of gourd you're using) is the addition of slurp-able ramen noodles.

Mashed Recipe Developer Miriam Hahn is a big fan of the fall flavors in her "different but delicious" pumpkin spice ramen recipe. While it does include a certain amount of spiciness (the hot kind), this can be adjusted according to how much of a jalapeño kick your palate prefers. Speaking of spice, this recipe calls for a whopping number of spices and oils to concoct the perfect blend of flavor, which sounds absolutely mouthwatering — not to mention, it'll waft some pleasantly autumnal aromatics throughout your kitchen.

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To Make Pumpkin Spice Ramen, Use Pumpkin Puree

person making pumpkin puree
person making pumpkin puree - HannaTor/Shutterstock

This one-pot meal does require some wait time if you want the most delicious results, but the prep work is a breeze. The spices in Miriam Hahn's recipe suit the season and include cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and anise. In case you don't already have all of these quintessentially fall spices on hand, it's easy to grab a container of pumpkin spice seasoning from the store. And, of course, pumpkin spice ramen would be nothing without canned or homemade pumpkin puree, which will give this savory dish a sweet, complementary edge. If grabbing some pumpkin pie filling had crossed your mind, know that the two can easily get mixed up, so better to banish the thought. Canned pumpkin puree often tastes noticeably stronger compared to its fresher counterpart, which is perfect if you want it to stand out against the other ramen spices.

If you don't have ramen noodles on hand, using soba, udon, or really any kind of noodle you prefer will also work. Those who are feeling experimental can give their pumpkin spice ramen a creative spin by incorporating chunks of fresh pumpkin or using spaghetti squash as the noodles. Ramen is an incredibly versatile dish, so feel free to throw in some other tasty elements like bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, or even roasted pumpkin seeds. So, if you'd rather not take a chance on trying Cup Noodles' pumpkin spice ramen, this is one fall recipe you'll want to add to your repertoire.

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