Aussie model calls coronavirus a 'gift' for the earth

Sarah Carty
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Australian model Elyse Knowles has called coronavirus a ‘gift’ for the earth.

The 27-year-old Myer ambassador took to her Instagram stories for Earth Day yesterday and uploaded a series of slides, writing: “While COVID-19 has had so many devastating impacts within our communities, if there’s a silver lining to acknowledge it’s the gift it has given to elements of our earth.

Elyse Knowles selfie
Australian model Elyse Knowles has called coronavirus a 'gift' for the earth. Photo: Instagram/Elyse Knowles
Elyse Knowles screenshot from her Instagram
Elyse uploaded this screenshot to her Instagram stories. Photo: Instagram/Elyse Knowles

“Mother nature has proven that by minimising the collective human footprint, our world can take a breath and re-set.”

According to the Daily Mail, commenters on her Instagram account, which now look to have been removed, called the model out.

Elyse Knowles in a black bikini
The Byron Bay local is a known environmentalist. Photo: Instagram/Elyse Knowles

“People have lost their lives. This is no gift from the planet. It's a tragic illness killing thousands,” one person is believed to have said.

At the time of writing, 2,623,231 people are confirmed to have the coronavirus worldwide and 182,740 people have lost their lives due to the virus.

Elyse linked out on her Instagram account to an interview with A Conscious Collection, where she spoke more in depth about the impact the spread of coronavirus has had on the world.

Elyse Knowles in a white tank top and denim shorts
Elyse believes this is a time for the world to take a breath. Photo: Instagram/Elyse Knowles

“It’s very hard to ignore the dramatic changes we’ve seen in the clarity of our air. Beaches and rivers are glistening with crystal blue water. And as you mentioned, our native wildlife are enjoying a safer home,” Elyse said.

“The images published in the news of late have blown my mind!! It’s ignited the fire in my belly to keep advocating for positive change! We have ONE world. We have to treat it with absolute care.”

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