Elvis' Chaydon Jay reveals 'surprising' behind-the-scenes moment on set

EXCLUSIVE: Elvis' Chaydon Jay reveals the most 'surprising' behind-the-scenes moment from set.

Video transcript

- I'm the interviewer now. I literally am so excited. I cannot believe it. You know what I mean? To be here tonight with all of the people in Australia that are within this industry who have the same love and passion that I do, I'm so thankful to be a part of it. And I'm really excited that this film is up for so much. And I'm really excited to see how it goes.

- Some of those dance moves--

- [LAUGHS] The dance moves.

- Do you need to be taught that or was that all you?

- You know what? I spent like two or three weeks with Baz, perfecting those dance moves. You know what I mean? Naturally, I'm not really a dancer. But one of the most important things that Baz spent-- when he spent his time with me, one of the most important things and vital things that he did was that he made sure and helped me feel comfortable dancing and make sure that I really am able to feel the music. You know what I mean?

It was such an important thing. There's a difference between dancing and letting the music take over you. And that was something that he gifted me, I got as a gift to be able to learn how to do that. And I would spend time on set, AirPods in. I had a playlist of Elvis music. I was jamming out.

No, but that was probably one of the most vital things that I got to learn on set and that I was so glad with the way that it turned out.

- Was there a lot of pressure though, playing someone who's in actual life, a real person?

- I tell you what, when you get a phone call from Baz Luhrmann saying, hey, you got the role of young Elvis, there's a little bit of-- there's a little bit of stress. But no, the main thing is that with the rehearsal time, he spent-- for the amount of time that I had on screen, he spent so much rehearsal time with me. And he made me feel not just comfortable but prepared and fulfilled that I could really take on this role with everything that I had, which I couldn't be more thankful for the input that he had for me in my part of the film.

- It's such a huge film. Was there anything behind the scenes that surprised you at all?

- Anything behind the scenes?

- Yeah, any secrets or anything like that?

- What surprised me the most was the scale of everything. You know what I mean? I mean, it's the first film that I've been a part of. And to be on set and see what the Baz Luhrmann sets look like in person, you've got to stand there for like two minutes and just sort of take it all in. But that really blew me away, I mean seriously. And I was so, so glad that he spent so much for me to be a part of the film.

- Congratulations.

- Thank you so much.

- I hope you guys sweep up all the awards tonight.

- Thank you. I hope so as well.

- What's next for you, anything?

- Yeah. I mean, I've had so many great things come my way from this film, so many opportunities as a young 15-year-old in this industry. And I'm super, super-excited to see where everything takes me next year.