Elsa Pataky on being apart from her family while shooting Interceptor: 'Hard'

Elsa Pataky shares how difficult it is to be away from her family while both she and Chris Hemsworth are working.

Video transcript

- And you've been very busy. So you've got a few films coming out soon. You've got one with your brother-in-law, Liam.


- What is it like-- do you just-- what is it about shooting in Australia that you love?

ELSA PATAKY: Well I just love-- this is home for me. I feel like I'm adopted in Australia. So I just don't like-- I don't want to be away from my kid, my son. I love to shoot here. And it's been amazing that there's so many opportunities now for, like, not only Australian actors, but, like, adopted Australian actresses to--


--like, film here. And a new-- becoming an amazing industry, which is so good. And, like, great studios, so it's so good to be part of it, being here and doing projects here, for sure.

- You mentioned time spent away from your family. You've been so busy. Chris is so busy. You guys make it look easy, but is it ever very-- is it difficult for you, with your family being away, at times?

ELSA PATAKY: Yeah. Look, we try not to work at the same time. Like, usually it's him or me. And I've been, like, most, like, behind the scenes, been, like-- being a mom for a while, which I love the role of the mom. I don't think I could do it, and it's just, like, lovely.

But in this movie, it did happen that we had to shoot at the same time. He was shooting "Thor." And I was shooting this movie. So we all have to move to Sydney to shoot in Sydney, which is good.

The kids like it, so, like, it was a great experience. And they took it, like, really-- but it was hard for us because, at the end, we didn't see them that much. Because you shoot for the whole day, then you have to do the gym. So, as a mom, it's hard to just see them and say, good night, and then you don't see them 'til the next day.

- Yeah.

ELSA PATAKY: But, you know, it was an amazing opportunity. And I really feel like they are a little bit grown up. So it's a good time for me to just, like, get back to what I love to do, do my passion, which is making movies.

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