Elsa Hosk defends naked photos with daughter after accusations of ‘child pornography’

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Elsa Hosk defends naked photos with daughter after accusations of ‘child pornography’
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Elsa Hosk has defended herself from parent-shamers who criticised her choice to pose naked with her seven-month-old daughter on Instagram.

On Tuesday, the Victoria’s Secret supermodel shared three photos of herself holding her and boyfriend Tom Daly’s daughter, Tuulikki Joan, while overlooking the New York City skyline.

“Let me tell you about the city where I fell in love with your dad…” the 32-year-old captioned the since-deleted photos.

The photos prompted backlash from some of Hosk’s followers, with one person accusing the supermodel of posting “child pornography” and informing Hosk that they had reported the photo to Instagram.

“I know you’re a new mom but this is like basic knowledge,” the follower added, according to People.

The comment prompted a response from Hosk, who defended herself on the basis that the photos shared of herself and her daughter captured a “normal thing,” according to the outlet.

“Wow. Posting a picture where I’m with my baby naked is not child pornography. It’s a normal thing. Happens everyday. All over the world. And if I choose to post that, that’s my choice,” the model wrote.

Hosk then acknowledged that if “some sick person on the internet thinks it’s porn,” then that is their problem and not hers.

“I refuse to live my life according to or in fear of sick people on the internet,” she continued.

In the lengthy post, Hosk went on to explain that being naked with her daughter is “the most beautiful and my most favourite thing,” before claiming that the skin-on-skin contact “creates hormones that help both of us to connect and have a stronger bond”.

The supermodel also referenced her own childhood growing up in Sweden, where she said that she was naked frequently at home and in public places.

“It was so natural to us and we were not taught that our bodies were something you had to hide away in fear of what strangers might think,” she wrote.

According to Hosk, in addition to making her comfortable with nudity, her childhood allowed her to create a “very healthy” relationship with her body, with the model explaining that she has “never felt weird about being naked”.

“If you have a baby, nakedness is part of everyday life. This photo was a beautiful moment captured by my boyfriend,” she continued. “If you think it’s porn or a ‘thirst trap’ shame on you, not shame on me.”

The new mother concluded her statement reminding her followers that they need not worry about the safety of her baby, as she is “right where she belongs, literally in my naked arms”.

While some criticised the photos of Hosk and her daughter, the model also thanked those who recognised the pictures as a display of love.

“Another positive note on the nude pic drama… so nice also [to] see soooo many of you (the majority!) who don’t think a picture of a naked baby is anything but natural and pure love!!” Hosk captioned an Instagram Stories post of herself on Thursday, before thanking those who had been supportive. “I see you and I love you!!”

Elsa Hosk thanks those who have offered support after ‘child pornography’ accusation (Elsa Hosk Instagram)
Elsa Hosk thanks those who have offered support after ‘child pornography’ accusation (Elsa Hosk Instagram)

Hosk and Daly, who have been together since 2015, welcomed their daughter in February 2021.

In a post celebrating her daughter’s arrival, the model described the day of her birth as the happiest day of her life, before explaining that the baby’s unique name was inspired by “two strong women,” Hosk’s mother and grandmother-in-law.

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