Brutal dig at Ellen DeGeneres during MTV awards segment

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Ellen DeGeneres has been brutally mocked over her 'toxic' workplace scandal during a "in memoriam" segment at Monday's MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted.

The normally serious and poignant segment at awards shows, which pays tribute to stars who died over the last year, was in this instance instead full of jokes and jabs after being introduced by host Nikki Glaser.

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres recently announced the end of her talk show. Photo: Getty

MTV used the opportunity to call out the talk show host for her "reign of terror" at the helm of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.


"I'd now like to take a somber-slash-awkward moment to acknowledge all that we've lost in the world of unscripted entertainment this year," host Nikki said leading to the mock tribute.

Within the remembrances was a photo of DeGeneres with the words "Ellen's Reign of Terror" and the year the show debuted (2003) as well as the year (2021) that she announced she'd be ending it.

(Screenshot: MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted)
Ellen 'tribute' on MTV. Photo: MTV

Last week, Ellen DeGeneres announced the 19th season, which will actually end in 2022, would be her last. 

This season the show has struggled in the ratings, losing one million viewers, in the wake of last year's workplace toxicity scandal. 

Multiple reports detailed a troubling culture at the show, including an environment of intimidation, fear, racial insensitivity and sexual misconduct. An internal investigation led to three producers being fired.

The 63-year-old, who has pushed a public mantra of "be kind" spoke out about her decision to end the show last week. 

She said the toxic workplace allegations — also including claims that staff members were told not to look her in the eye — and ratings slide were not factors in her decision to end the show. 

She said she wants a new "challenge." 

However, she discussed the allegations in-depth, saying they felt like an "orchestrated" and "coordinated" attack, but not saying by whom. She also called them "misogynistic."

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