'Eighty minutes of dominance then the most Dundee thing we could have done'

Daniel Smith, Up Wi' The Bonnets podcast

If Dundee were to do what Dundee do, then being 2-0 up going into the final 10 minutes, totally outplaying the opposition, and proceeding to throw away the win by conceding a 96th-minute equaliser was the most Dundee thing we could have done.

Even now, I’m still beeling at the way we chucked away what would have been a fine victory in one of Scotland’s fakest derbies.

Even with our total dominance, we couldn’t get that killer third goal against St Johnstone, but it wasn’t through not having the chances. Boy did we have them, but they ended up falling into the category named ‘sitters.’ Oh the sitters.

Listen, I’ll not bother giving you a step-by-step walkthrough of Scott Tiffoney and Zak Rudden’s chances to put this game to bed because I frankly don’t want to relive it, so do me a favour and just watch the highlights yourself. If you’re a sadistic person that doesn’t like to see Dundee do well, you will love it!

At the end of the day though, it wasn’t the chances that went astray that cost us, it was slack defending at the back and some substitutions that hampered us in our strongest part of the pitch, midfield.

As frustrating as it is not to come away with the full points from Perth, as the days go on the performance in the first 80 minutes will and should give us more hope for moving on in future games.

I stuck my wager on this club finishing ninth this season and so far from what I’ve seen, it’s totally doable, despite the way this game ended.