Edwards - 'We'll keep improving'

Alex Howell, BBC Sport

Luton can feel they were unlucky to lose the match against Chelsea 3-0. They were causing problems and had the opportunity to level the match to make it 1-1 in the second half.

Their manager Rob Edwards could also see the positives and thinks they will keep improving.

"I don't like losing but I can accept when there's a performance like that and I can see that the players are committed, they gave absolutely everything. We just came a little bit short in key moments in both boxes," Edwards said.

"When the fans are clapping us like that at the end of the game, I'm extremely proud to represent this football club and work with these players.

"We were in the game, everyone can see that and nobody can disagree with that.

"Disappointment of course but I've seen improvement in the two weeks since Brighton and I know we’ll see improvement again in a week."