Eddie Murphy Reveals ‘Shrek 5’ Already In The Works, ‘Donkey’ Movie On The Way

Eddie Murphy says he’s already recorded the first act of Shrek 5, which DreamWorks Animation hasn’t even announced yet, and that there’s also a Donkey spinoff movie that’s bound to happen.

Murphy also said about Shrek 2025, “I think it’s coming out in 2025”

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As Inside Out 2 has proven, and even 2022’s Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, when it comes to animated sequels with moviegoers, absence makes the heart grow fonder and the box office bigger, those two titles respectively grossing $724.3M and close to a half billion worldwide.

Murphy on the press tour for Netflix/Paramount’s Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley told Collider that “We started doing Shrek 4 or [Shrek] 5 months ago. I did this, I recorded the first act, and we’ll be doing it this year, we’ll finish it up. Shrek is coming out, and Donkey’s gonna have his own movie. We’re gonna do Donkey as well. So we’re gonna do a Shrek, and we’re doing a Donkey [movie].”

DreamWorks Animation and parent company Universal were not available for comment. No word on the rest of the cast returning, i.e. Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz. You’ll remember that for Shrek 2 Myers, Murphy and Diaz received a $10M a piece upfront pay for Shrek 2.

A Donkey spinoff movie about the sassy mule is an organic blockbuster: The two Puss in Boots movies combined grossed $1 billion which raises the total Shrek universe across six movies to $4 billion.

Back in January 2023, Murphy said he was open to doing a Shrek 5 and Donkey movie.

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