Ed surprises eight-year-old fan

Leah Cohen

If you’re going to watch one video today, let it be this one because it will make your heart melt.

Eight-year-old Kai Langer appeared on Ellen’s Valentine's Day show, presenting the TV host with a card in which he professed his love for her.

Kai called Ellen his

"It's a Valentine's card," he said. "It says what I love about you and that you're beautiful and you're the best and you're my first girlfriend and I love you."

But the cuteness doesn’t stop there.

Kai belting out Ed's hit Thinking Out Loud. Photo: ellentube

Kai then stood up to perform his idol Ed Sheeran’s hit Thinking Out Loud and the crowd just couldn’t contain their emotions.

Closing his eyes the entire time, singing in perfect pitch and never missing a beat, Kai serenaded his “girlfriend” Ellen on stage to Ed’s tune.

In the video above, Kai gives his absolute all on stage and sings with such passion - it’s adorable!

Ed appears from backstage to surprise Kai. Photo: ellentube
Ed takes a seat behind Kai. Photo: ellentube
Kai has no idea Ed is there. Photo: ellentube

At one point, the crowd goes wild and Ed Sheeran walks out from backstage. Kai is oblivious to who’s just rocked up behind him and continues to sing with enthusiasm

Ed perches himself on the edge of the couch behind Kai and just sits there staring at his little fan amazed at how beautifully he’s singing.

Kai continues to belt out the rest of the song and gets a huge applause from Ellen, Ed and the audience, still unaware Ed’s breathing down his neck.

Kai sings passionately to Ellen, still oblivious to Ed behind him. Photo: ellentube
Kai's about to get the shock of his life. Photo: ellentube

Ellen then points to Ed behind Kai and the boy turns around lost for words, unable to wipe the huge grin off his face.

Ed waves at him and Kai waves back. We simply cannot deal with how cute the moment is!

The best moment ever! Photo: ellentube

“I was just watching in the dressing room and I thought I’d [come out],” Ed says

“Isn’t that great!” says Ellen. Telling Kai who’s still in disbelief: “Look who that is.”

Kai fans out big-time! Photo: ellentube

“Hi.. “ Kai says to Ed, before the two hi-five each other.

Kai previously appeared on The Ellen Show singing a duet of When I Was Your Man with Bruno Mars.

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Ellen contacted the little spunk after he became a viral YouTube sensation for singing Bruno's song Grenade, which got over 1.5million views. He was only four-years-old at the time.

No doubt Kai’s got a bright future ahead of him!

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