Eat This: Triple Decker Club Sandwich With Tuna, Kale & Chipotle

Men's Health

Your tastebuds deserve better than a lucky dip lunchtime sandwich purchase.


4 canned chipotle chillies
2 eggs
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp vinegar
300ml canola or vegetable oil

1 large can of organic tuna in springwater
3 slices Bill’s Organics Super Seeds sourdough
2 slices low-fat Swiss or Jarlsberg cheese
Two sprigs of kale

1. Add chillies, eggs, Dijon mustard and vinegar to a food processor and blend until combined, slowly adding in oil while blending.
2. Place tuna in a large mixing bowl and add four tablespoons of chipotle sauce mix.
3. Spoon tuna mix onto two slices of sourdough. Top with slices of cheese.
4. Place sourdough slices under the grill and cook until cheese melts.
5. Grab kale and remove leaves from stalks. Place kale leaves on top of melted cheese and stack one sandwich on top of the other.
6. Add one more sourdough slice on top.

Recipe courtesy of Bill’s Certified Organic Health Bakery and chef Ben Uttley