America Is The Butt Of A Lot Of Jokes, But What Are Some Things You Really, Really Love About American Culture?

It's not a secret that America is the butt of many jokes. People love to make fun of our huge portion sizes, how we make our tea, our heavy reliance on cars, our politicians (fair), our desire to fry anything and everything, and, among many more things, our lack of free healthcare (also fair). But even though it's so easy to hate on America, what are some things you actually like about American culture? Maybe

Nick Offerman saying "history began on July 4th 1776" in Parks and Recreation
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Maybe you love the sports culture in America — tailgates, Super Bowl parties, foam fingers, nights at the baseball field, fantasy football.

tailgating at a football game

Americans don't play around when it comes to buffalo chicken dip on Super Bowl Sunday, I'll tell you that.

Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

Maybe you love the diversity and how easy and accessible it is to experience different cultures and try different foods.

people of different races hanging out around a table, having a cookout

Craving Thai food? No worries. Can't stop thinking about chilaquiles? Let's go through the drive-thru. Easy peasy.

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Maybe you love that America is ~quirky~ because it refuses to abide by the metric system.

speed limit: 25 sign

Kilometers? Really? Don't even get me started on Celsius.

Franz Marc Frei / Getty Images

Or perhaps you just love the general friendliness of Americans — complimenting strangers, exchanging polite smiles in passing, small talk while waiting in line, lending a helping hand.

two people making small talk while walking into a workplace

There's something so warm and special about having an in-depth conversation with someone at the DMV and then never seeing them again.

Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty Images

Whether you've lived in the US your whole life, you moved to America from another country, or even if you just visited, whatever you love about America and American culture, I want to know. Heck, even if you've never been to America, I want to know what you think. And of course, the more details, the better! If you want a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post, comment your story below or submit using this Google form.