EastEnders teases Theo Hawthorne downfall in iPlayer episode

EastEnders spoilers follow from Thursday's BBC iPlayer episode (August 24). As these scenes don't air on BBC One until this evening, some readers may prefer to avoid these storyline details.

EastEnders has teased Theo Hawthorne's downfall in Stacey Slater's stalker storyline.

Viewers know that newcomer Theo has become increasingly obsessed with Stacey in recent months.

She received another nasty shock this week when she discovered that her unknown tormentor had been creeping around her house.

theo hawthorne, stacey slater, eastenders

Bizarrely, Stacey is still currently unaware that Theo poses any threat and has been leaning on him for ongoing support as she continues to feel unsafe in her home.

In Thursday's iPlayer episode, Stacey keeps tight-lipped on her sinister encounter when her ex-husband Martin returns from a trip to Bulgaria.

Eve is confused when Theo arrives at the house to tutor Lily, despite Stacey having previously told him she didn't need him to anymore.

stacey slater, theo hawthorne, eastenders

Eve and Theo are soon having some cross words about his meddling behaviour with Caz, but Eve thaws towards him when he apologises for what he did.

She is further grateful when Theo helps Stacey sort the locks for No.31. However, when no one is looking, Theo keeps a spare key for himself.

Eve later heads to the café to fill Martin in on Stacey’s stalker, but the conversation prompts Martin to wonder if Theo could be the person responsible.

theo hawthorne, martin fowler, stacey slater, eastenders

Eve insists Martin will need more proof before acting on his suspicions, but could this be the start of Theo's downfall?

EastEnders has been keeping its usual Monday to Thursday releases on iPlayer this week, despite schedule changes on BBC One due to the World Athletics Championships.

A double bill will air tonight on BBC One from 7pm.

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