EastEnders revisits Peter Beale storyline as he reunites with Kathy

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has revisited Peter Beale and Kathy Beale's falling out in new scenes.

While the biggest moments in Tuesday's (August 29) episode filled in some gaps from Cindy's backstory with a cameo from a beloved Walford character, Peter and Kathy also had a memorable showdown.

Fans will remember that Peter left the Square last year after emptying out his gran's bank accounts, as a punishment for her siding with Ben Mitchell over him in their feud.

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Once Cindy returned to Walford this week, she had to admit to Kathy that she'd accepted some of the money from Peter as a way to get resettled with Ian in France.

In Tuesday's episode, the two came face to face once again, and Peter promised he'd prove to Kathy how sorry he was for taking her money.

Peter also tried to convince a sceptical Kathy that Cindy has been "patient, and loving and caring" with Ian since he had a heart attack last year.

Kathy wasn't interested in hearing more about Cindy, yet she was surprised to hear that Peter had made peace with Ben after learning of the trauma his uncle was going through.

"We made up… sort of," he explained, adding: "I don't blame you. It's my fault. I know that."

george knight peter beale ben mitchell callum highway eastenders

His admission of making a mistake seemed to convince Kathy, as she huddled him into the kitchen for some cheese on toast. Later, when Kathy had gone up for a soak in the tub, he snuck off to meet up with Ian in the laundrette.

Peter was furious that Ian hadn't been able to stop Cindy from running into ex-husband George, with an equally-irate Ian admitting he'd now "lost her".

Peter announced he was going to go meet his sisters, adding: "From where I'm stood, my mum and dad are a complete letdown."

peter beale and ian beale in eastenders

Ian and Peter arrived at the Vic just in time to see all hell break loose, as Cindy charged in to reunite with her girls while Sharon Watts and Phil Mitchell looked on in shock.

The bombshell reunions continue all throughout this week…

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