EastEnders' Bobby to face new heartbreak after Cindy and Ian return

EastEnders spoilers ahead.

Bobby Beale remains firmly in the 'friend zone' with Anna Knight during next week's EastEnders.

Airing on BBC One, upcoming scenes witness young Bobby fretting to the recently-returned Ian and Cindy Beale that Anna's going to despise him over the death of Lucy Beale.

He later turns up at Peggy's to see if Anna is doing okay, but after trying to make amends, the Walford newcomer suggests that they keep things platonic given the circumstances.

bobby beale and anna knight in eastenders

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It's been a torrid time on the romantic front for Bobby, especially as Anna and his best pal Freddie seem to be getting closer by the day.

Earlier this month, efforts to involve his crush with party-planning for Bernie - as a way of spending more time with her - turned sour when Anna didn't react well to his apparent personality switch.

cindy beale in eastenders

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Elsewhere, Cindy actress Michelle Collins has spoken highly of co-star Colin Salmon, who plays her character's estranged husband George Knight in the soap.

"I love working with Colin, it's just a joy. He is obviously a great actor, but he's very cool and very chilled, and he brings such a great energy to everything. We clicked from the beginning – we actually met years ago," she explained.

"He's a great asset to the show. I think it's a great casting, he's got real strength. He cares a lot about the character of the show and so do I, so that's really important to me. You've got to be really invested in it as it was a big move for me."

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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