This best-selling jar opener is the next best thing to having super strength, and it’s 44% off

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The simple task of opening a jar can really test your strength. However, you don’t need to pull a muscle or pop a blood vessel to get to the pickles. Instead, use this incredibly genius jar opener on Amazon, and you’ll feel like a superhuman every single day.

The EZ Off Jar Opener attaches underneath your kitchen cabinet with some included adhesive and a few very small screws. You won’t really see it in your day-to-day, but when you need to use it, it’s there and ready to rock. Simply insert your jar into its grip and twist.

EZ Off Jar Opener, $14.49 (Orig. $25.99)

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OK, here’s how it actually works: It’s a V-shape with metal teeth on one side that can grip any lid of any size. When you twist, those teeth grip the jar and pry it open. It’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you haven’t had one all along.

More than 14,000 Amazon shoppers rave about it too and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

“My best gadget ever!” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “I have tried a million different tools and gadgets for help in opening jars of all sizes, and each one had its own issues! Finally, someone has invented the perfect jar opener that is simple and requires no space in your kitchen drawers or counters.”

“Though I admit to being a senior citizen, I don’t think of myself as old by any means. I can still open a jar with no problem,” another reviewer explained. “I bought this for my father-in-law and after we put it up, I fell in love with this thing and ordered myself one. It’s so easy to use, it’s crazy. I put it under an overhead cabinet and he slides a jar in with both hands. The lid pops right off no matter how hard it’s stuck on.”

The EZ Off Jar Opener costs is currently on sale for $14.49, and it’s so good, you may just become the kind of person who films a video of it for TikTok.

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