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How to easily hang drapes without putting holes in your wall: ‘That’s so smart’

Curtain rods, which can be helpful for everything from organizing purses in small spaces to hanging drapes, can be challenging to hang in rentals that don’t allow holes in the walls.

But home decor influencer Marilyn (@mmarilyn__224) has shared a hack for hanging a curtain rod; no holes required. The hack — which has been viewed on TikTok over 9 million times — uses a Dollar Tree broom and mop holder with a curtain rod instead and “works great,” Marilyn claims.

“That’s so smart!” marveled @mustangwill.

“Yes I love hacks that do not require tools (I can use them I’m just lazy),” added @spikedpunch27.

Other TikTokers have shared how they have used the same Dollar Tree product in their homes to hang curtains.

For instance, India Simmons (@capture_india) claims the mop holder is still holding up her son’s curtains months later “like a charm.”

While the hack intrigued many people, others warned that the products could cause damage to the walls worse than small holes.

“Those stickies ripped the drywall in my kitchen so bad, I told my husband the holes are easier to fix,” noted @mrsadams1028.

“They rip the paint off the wall, like really bad almost made a whole,” added @neidisolano.

Plus, anyone with rambunctious pets may want to think twice before adding adhesive drape holders to a wall to avoid damage.

“Don’t do it if you have cats, they’ll bring them down,” laughed @gracie_berlin.

As an alternative to the Dollar Tree hanging adhesives, some commenters suggested using Command strips or Command’s specific broom holder product because they come off cleanly without causing damage to the wall.

“I used command strips. Works well for a year but no holes in the wall,” explained @yoga4life.

“I used the broom holders from commands they are still hanging strong,” said @chocolate.mama95.

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