The Easiest Way to Cut Corn Off the Cob Without Kernels Flying Everywhere

As the days get warmer and longer summer all-stars like tomatoes, zucchini and corn start popping up at the supermarket. As soon as we see those bins of sweet corn we can't help but grab some for grilling, sauteing, soup or salad making or boiling and gobbling straight off the cob.

And as much as we love all things corn, we are less enthusiastic about cutting the kernels off the cobs. Inevitably the kernels bounce along the counter or onto the floor as you prep for your favorite corn salad or soup.

Many cooks have strong thoughts and feelings about a better way to remove those sweet golden kernels. Some swear by the method in which you invert a small bowl inside a larger bowl, then stand the cob up on the smaller bowl and slice in a downward motion. That's not a bad method, but the corn cob doesn't always feel steady and slicing onto a bowl isn't the best thing for your knives.

Then there's the Bundt/angel food cake pan crew. This method has you insert the corn cob into the hole in the pan and slice downward. As you cut, the pan captures those wiley kernels. The issue here is that it's sometimes awkward to get the corn cob in the hole in the pan and it's possible you might not have either pan in your kitchen.

So what's a cook to do? As in many things in the kitchen, it always pays to ask Ina. Her simple corn-cutting trick is easy and effective, two things we're always in favor of.

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Why Should You Cut Your Corn on a Kitchen Towel?

As Ina demonstrated on her Instagram page, all you need for this trick is a kitchen towel. "I worked out a system," she says. We're all ears, Ina.

She places a kitchen towel on the counter and grabs a shucked ear of corn. She cuts off the wider end, creating a solid base. She stands the corn cob upright on the kitchen towel and slices down. The kernels fall onto the towel but because it's a soft place to land they don't bounce around.

When she's done slicing, she gathers up the kitchen towel and uses it to funnel the kernels into a bowl. As Ina would say, "How easy is that?"

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