Make The Easiest Banana Bread With Just 3 Ingredients

banana bread in loaf pan
banana bread in loaf pan - Wildeside57/Getty Images

Whenever we see a pair of overripe bananas abandoned in our fruit bowl, banana bread is a pretty universal backup plan to salvage them. As bananas ripen, they get more sugary and their banana flavor shines through, making them a two-in-one sweetening and flavoring agent. To avoid the tedium of prepping and measuring wet and dry ingredients, you can simplify your banana bread recipe with the help of cake mix.

Foodie content creator and TikToker @cooking_comedy_chaos amuses us with a video demonstrating how to make banana bread with a pair of bananas, two eggs, and a box of yellow cake mix. The beauty of cake mix is that it contains all the dry ingredients you'd normally have to buy, measure out, and add to a typical banana bread recipe, including flour, sugar, and a leavening agent. A blend of eggs and bananas provides both the fat and the moisture needed for a perfectly succulent loaf. Furthermore, the leavening agent in the boxed cake mix along with the leavening properties of the eggs will make for the bounciest, fluffiest banana bread yet.

You won't have to worry about an overly dense or mushy crumb with this cake mix hack. Since you're adding the batter to a smaller loaf pan, you don't need to use the water and oil that many boxed cake mixes require. Plus, leaving out the water and oil will concentrate the flavors of the cake mix and the bananas all the more.

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hand holding boxed cake mix
hand holding boxed cake mix - ZikG/Shutterstock

While a number of sources provide this three-ingredient recipe, the @cooking_comedy_chaos video puts a unique twist on its preparation by using a Ziploc bag as a multi-faceted tool. They first add whole overripe bananas to a large, gallon-sized Ziploc bag, then crack two eggs inside and seal it. The bag is given a few squeezes to mash and blend the two ingredients together before opening the bag back up, adding the cake mix, and massaging the bag again.

In yet another ingenious move, they cut a corner off the bottom of the batter-filled Ziploc bag to pipe the batter into a greased or parchment paper-lined loaf pan. This method is entertaining and, even more importantly, dish free. The only clean-up you'll have to do is discard the empty batter bag. Of course, a bowl and fork are still at your disposal if you'd rather make banana bread the old-fashioned way.

The TikTok video uses yellow cake mix, but you can use the diversity of cake mix flavors to your advantage. Chocolate cake mix would bring a rich complement to the sweet banana flavor. For a tropical twist, use a coconut cake mix. And if you love a strawberry and banana smoothie, you'll love a strawberry cake mix and banana bread loaf.

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