Dyson slashes $300 off stick vacuums in massive sale

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three Dyson vacuums alongside a sale sticker
Dyson is having a big sale on its stick vacuums this week

Dyson vacuums are on sale this week, with the brand wiping up to $300 off some of its cordless stick models.

The biggest bargains to be had are the V10 Absolute+ which normally retails for $1,099 and is now down to $799, and the V8 Absolute which is down to $599 from $899.

The older V7 Motorhead Origin is also being reduced by $220 to $379.

Unfortunately, the brand’s newest models aren’t being discounted in this week’s sales, however every purchase of the V15 Detect - which is the very latest release and comes with two smart cleaning heads - and the V11 Outsize Absolute Extra - which is the supersized model designed to take on a family-sized house - come with an additional click-in battery for free.

The batteries are normally priced at $199 and give you the option of extending the run time of your stick vacuum without needing to stop and charge it before finishing the house.

the Dyson V8 stick vacuum
Get $300 off the Dyson V8 stick vacuum. Photo: Dyson

Which Dyson is best?

Not all Dysons are created equal and with so many numbers and names being thrown about, it can be hard to know what’s what.

The V7 and V8 are the earliest stick vacuum models, and there’s a big step up in technological advancement between them and the V10 - hence the price jump.

The run time on a new V7 is just 30 minutes, and the V8 is not much better at 40 minutes, meaning they’ll be great to spot clean or do a few rooms, but depending on the size of your house, you may run out of power while doing your weekly vacuum. The V10 meanwhile, has a 60-minute run time, plus, 30 percent more suction power than the V8.

It also has a significantly larger bin compared to that of the older models, so you don’t have to empty it after every vacuum.

The dyson V10 stick vacuum currently on sale
The V10 is on sale for $799, down from $1,099. Photo: Dyson

Naturally, the performance of the V10 is outdone by the newer V11 and V15 model vacuums, but they’re also more expensive, making the V10 a good, middle of the range Dyson.


The biggest difference between the V10 and the next model up, is that the V11 has 40 percent more suction power and comes with a smart, multipurpose cleaning head that recognises when you move from hard floors to carpet and adjusts its suction power accordingly.

You can also get the V11 vacuum in the regular or a larger size, with the latter having a supersized cleaning head, larger bin and optional additional battery pack which makes it better suited to a family-sized home.

 Dyson V11 Outsize stick vacuum on sale
The Dyson Outsize is a V11 model stick vacuum with a larger cleaning head and bin. Photo: Dyson

The V15 is the newest vacuum to be released in Australia and claims to offer the ‘healthiest’ clean. It has a HEPA filtration system and an acoustic piezo sensor that counts the number of dust particles vacuumed up.

It also has the same smart, multipurpose cleaning head as the V11, plus they’ve added smart technology to the fluffy cleaning head for the first time, fitting it with a laser that shows you all the dust particles it’s about to pick up.

There’s also the option to purchase the V15 or the V11 Outsize with a free-standing floor dock rather than a wall-mounted dock, which is better for people who rent.

The laser on the dyson v15 fluffy head
The V15 comes with a laser on the fluffy cleaning head that lights up dust you wouldn't normally be able to see while vacuuming. Photo: Dyson

Dysons on sale

Dyson has sales on select stick vacuums throughout the year, but $250 to $300 is just about the most you’ll see any of the products reduced by.

If you’re looking to upgrade, Catch.com.au is a good site to keep an eye on as it often has good sale prices on Dysons. At the moment, it has $200 off the Dyson V11 Outsize which is down to $1,099, and $200 off the V11 Complete Pro which is priced at $1,049.

Last year, visits to the Dyson Australia website increased by 47 percent as Aussies spent more time indoors thanks to Covid lockdowns. With 12 million of us still in lockdown now - and spending our days noticing how filthy our home gets when you spend all day in it - this current sale is likely to be quite popular.

If only a stick vacuum could also do the dishes and clean the bathroom too!

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