The Drop Technique To Prevent Oil Splatters When Making Fried Foods

chicken frying in pan
chicken frying in pan - Marian Weyo/Shutterstock

If the best things in life are free, then the second-best things are fried. Whether it's fried chicken, donuts, plantains, or of course, fries, the scrumptious, golden-brown goodness of fried food is enough to make anyone's mouth water. Unfortunately, there is one glaring problem with fried food: It can be difficult -- if not downright scary -- to make yourself. Getting splattered with boiling oil is not fun, and it can be dangerous. Thankfully, there is a simple technique to avoid this issue.

To reduce oil splatters, you'll want to drop food into the oil in a slow and controlled manner. When you throw something into the pot from a distance, it can create a splash that will get oil everywhere. Instead, stand close to the oil vessel so you can gently place the food inside, ensuring that it falls in away from you. If you're feeling brave, you can use your hand for this method, but you may want to use tongs when handling smaller pieces of food so your fingers don't come into contact with the oil.

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Other Tips To Avoid Oil Splatters

making donuts at home
making donuts at home - Kajakiki/Getty Images

It's also important to ensure that whatever you are putting into the oil is free of moisture, since it is the combination of oil and water that causes the oil to splatter. That's why you shouldn't fry any food that is frozen, as the icy particles may cause a violent reaction in the oil. Make sure all of your ingredients are completely thawed out, and use a paper towel to dry before you fry.

In some cases, it's almost impossible to completely avoid oil splatters, but there are ways to minimize the mess. When frying on the stovetop, you can place baking sheets over the other burners so they don't get covered with oil. Aluminum foil also works, and you could mold it to cover other surfaces in your kitchen as well. Use tools like tongs and spider strainers to move and manipulate the food as it fries, and wear long sleeves to protect the skin on your arms.

Frying food at home is certainly an endeavor, but with the right techniques, you can enjoy the process without ending the day covered in oil. Dry off your food, slowly add it to the cooking pot, and watch it carefully until it's time to eat the fried fruits of your labor.

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