Drag Race Down Under’s Molly Poppinz reveals unseen moment from makeover challenge

Drag Race Down Under’s Molly Poppinz reveals unseen moment from makeover challenge.

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LACHLAN GUERTIN: Love the look. It's a great nod to this week's runway theme.

MOLLY POPPINZ: Yes, oh, I've been excited thinking about that, to be honest.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: That's the botched one.

MOLLY POPPINZ: I'm just a colorful bitch. I love a bit of color.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Well, thank you so much for just chatting with me. We've got so much to unpack. I'm such a fan from the show. But firstly, I just have to say massive congrats on top four. Like, how [INAUDIBLE]--


LACHLAN GUERTIN: --huge. How does it feel?

MOLLY POPPINZ: Yeah, crazy. Like, the fact that I got to top four, I'm like super sharp, super proud of myself. Like, everything I did, like, no regrets.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: I mean, that's the way that you want to end it. Like no-- yeah, no regrets. That no-- yeah, that's amazing.

MOLLY POPPINZ: Yeah, I had a good little send-off star. Yeah, it would have been great to get to that top three, but I'm just as proud.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Well, yeah, there's so much to unpack. I guess when you look back at the Drag Race experience, how do you feel about your performance, the way you went, how everything came across?

MOLLY POPPINZ: I got a pretty good at it. I'm not going to lie, so I was like, OK, that's really good. Like, it was crazy. It was like, I try not to let it show. But I was very overwhelmed, very nervous the entire time, and I was just like, OK, I can't let these bitches see me sweat. Like, just play it cool. You're in Drag Race, and yeah, try not to let this opportunity slip by. So like, I'm happy with how everything played out.

Yeah, because I was in my head a lot of the time. Like, sometimes, I wished I kind of like spoke out a little bit more in the workroom, maybe started a few more fights. And maybe I got, like, you know? There's a lot of drama this season, and I was not really involved with any of the drama. So I'm like, maybe I should have started a fight and get a bit more airtime. But no, I'm very happy with that, everything.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: I guess what were your expectations going into it? Because obviously, Drag Race is like the dream for so many drag queens. What did you expect?

MOLLY POPPINZ: Honestly, I just expected to like, I'm just going to go in, and I'm going to give it my all. But like, it's probably going to be like a fierce competition. I'm like, I'm going to be going up against legends, and you have people from like, huge, big city drag things. And I was just like, this little girl from New Castle. Like, I'm going to do my best.

I might kind of flop and not do so well just because that's just me, and I was talking myself down, which I got to stop doing that. And then I went in and like, the first challenge was a design challenge. I'm like, oh, shit. Like, I don't sew. Like, let's just try and knock that home first. The goal was getting here, and now the goal is making through that first episode.

And day one, my hot glue in desperation. And I was just like, oh, OK. All right, I can do this. This is easier than I thought. Like, let's do this. And so that really kind of gave me a little confidence boost to be like, I'm here and here for a reason, and I can do this.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Because you and [INAUDIBLE] are both from New Castle, right? Like, did that help at all? Did you guys have a kind of personal connection before the show?

MOLLY POPPINZ: No, he went to school with a couple of my friends, but I kind of knew him-- like, I didn't know him, but kind of knew of him through friends. But yeah, didn't know each other, no.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: It didn't help you at all, I guess. Like, that--

MOLLY POPPINZ: No, not at all. Even with like, the challenge, like the hometown challenge. And he was just like, oh, you know, it wasn't really New Castle. And I was just like, well, I can tell you haven't been to New Castle in a while, [INAUDIBLE], because the whole internet is saying, like, no Molly, that was spot on New Castle. So I stand by that decision.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: What was your favorite challenge from the whole thing? Because the New Castle one was such a standout for me.

MOLLY POPPINZ: Like that was a stressful one. It was fun, but like, because we all had this idea of what we wanted to do. And then Ru come in and was like, no, that's not what the challenge is really asking for. So we're like, OK, back to the drawing board. We've got like half an hour to put a whole new ad together. So that was a stressful one.

But I, definitely, think the most fun one was the girl group because I just that's my favorite episode. Like, my favorite challenge, I always like to watch as a fan of the show. So I was like, I need to get to that girl group challenge, so I want to live my like girl group fantasy in the recording studio with Michelle. And yeah, I come and sang. I like to rap and like write lyrics, so to get to that challenge was good.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: I mean, you kind of just touched on it. But when RuPaul comes into the workroom, how-- does it get easier along the season or is it always stressful when it's not hello, hello, hello?

MOLLY POPPINZ: Oh, it definitely gets easier. Like, the first time was just like, ha! Like, oh my God. Like, RuPaul is like, right there. I'm breathing the same air RuPAul. But yeah, [INAUDIBLE] run through as you start to get to know the girls. Like, it's just more comfortable, and it's just yeah, it's great.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah, and Michelle, I mean, that's just been like a dream to work with her, right?

MOLLY POPPINZ: Oh, Michelle, when would do like little challenges and stuff, because we don't even really get to talk to Michelle on the runway. But she's very doing a job on the runway and letting us know how she really feels. But in the challenges, like Michelle was great, like the actings and the adverts and like, recordings. Michelle is such a dream to work with.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: What was the biggest surprise for you throughout the whole experience, like something you might not have expected as a fan?

MOLLY POPPINZ: Oh, I mean, I'm going to say like, yeah, like winning the design challenge. Like, I was just like, I just want to be safe. Like, you know. So to win that, I was just like, oh, OK, cool. Like, coming in, I didn't think if I was going to win any challenge, it would be that one, but it did. Yeah. Not a [INAUDIBLE] just not a sew up, but like, I will say that if I became a designer-- [INAUDIBLE].

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Hopefully, it's going to be in this week's episode as well. I mean, the family makeup is always one of the most exciting. But I can imagine maybe one of the most stressful ones as well being like a contestant. How did you find it?

MOLLY POPPINZ: Yeah, I mean, like, we don't have much time to get ready like for ourselves on the show. Like, that was one thing I stressed about going into Drag Race. I'm like, I know we don't get a lot of time, so I was like, I was one of the last to get ready. And I was just like, oh, now, we're going to make like put ourselves into like full drag and someone else. Like, so it was like very stressful.

I was like, not good with my time management on this episode. But like the challenge in a whole was just very wholesome. At that point of the competition, well, sick of seeing each other's faces a little bit. So we needed like a breath of fresh air. So I was seeing those-- that family walk-in. We're like, oh my God. Hi, like, we need this. We've been so isolated. And yeah, so that was a good challenge. We definitely needed that.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: When you get that break at the start of the whole thing that you need to bring [INAUDIBLE] look, what runs through your mind? Because obviously, there's different body types. You might need like, you don't know who you're going to work with. Like, how do you plan that look?

MOLLY POPPINZ: Yeah, that was the hardest one to like, plan and like, the theme. I'm like, OK. Like, we need like, two distinct looks. Like, they need to connect then make it the opposite. And I'm like, I don't know who we're going to get. Like, are we going to get like, big like, footy players.

We got to get like, queer little teenagers or something. So it was very hard to prep that. So I try to-- I'm like, I just got to do like a like a A-line baby doll dress that can like come in at the back. And so, yeah. Like, you just fit in because I was just like, woh!

LACHLAN GUERTIN: How was the-- I mean, we saw a glimpse of how stressful the timing was. Like, how accurate was that in real life of like, go, go, go. Don't have time to do each other's makeup. Like, how much time do you actually had?

MOLLY POPPINZ: Ooh, like, I think we had about four hours to get each other at Drag, and that was just like a lot of talking, kicking and stuff. What really set me back is, like you said episode, Caitlin's like bleeding. And he's got like all this toilet paper over his face because he cut himself a few times while shaving, and it kept bleeding.

And like, if you've ever like nicked your face when shaving, the blood just keeps coming. So we would try to get the blood to stop. And I was like freaking out, and it bled for about 40, 45 minutes. And I'm like, oh my God. Like, we need to get some makeup on this face, so I had to actually like, glue toilet paper to his face. Like, I had to glue it down and then paint over it.

And then it was like a huge cut right here, so I was just like-- and you could kind of say it was like, you know what? You're going to have a lovely little rhinestone beauty mark right there. So then I stuck a rhinestone just to like cover it up. But yeah, that was a big thing that really put me behind, was the constant bleeding, and it would not stop.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Because I think there was that like little montage, maybe like two seconds of the blood. I was immediately triggered from like all the weddings and events that that happens to, and I read that like, you hold eyes to it. Or you apply like, there's so many different things. None of them seems to work. So the fact that you covered it up, so.

MOLLY POPPINZ: We had like a damp, like face washer just like pulling the pressure to it to get it to stop, and it just was not. And then like, well, we'll do the toilet paper. And then we put the toilet paper on and be like, OK. Like, there was a lot of blood. Like, it was a lot of blood. And like the toilet paper would soak up a little. Put a little bit more on, and then we're like, oh, we think it stopped. And then we'd like peel it off, and then it would just reopen. It just-- so it was very stressful. Yeah. And I get really wazy to blood as well, so I was like, oh, like--

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah, that's too much. I mean, obviously, you got first choice of Caitlin as well. I know there were some, maybe friction? Like there was some-- he had a lot to say.

MOLLY POPPINZ: A little bit. Like, two queens together pretty much. So like, I'll go with the queen. Yeah, I think we had to walk in heels, which is like, yeah, go walk in heels, except he did fall in the workroom. But I was just like, safe bet. Like, I'm not-- yeah, but yeah, maybe it was-- he wanted to look a certain way. And I was like, well, you know what? I don't look that way, and this is what I've brought to kind of deal with it.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah, what were you meant to do to make a whole new-- that's ridiculous.

MOLLY POPPINZ: Yeah, I'm just like-- I'm like, at this point of the competition, like, we're also like, the second last episode. I'm like I'm running out of clothes. Like, I didn't even bring enough. Like, I don't even have options. So you're wearing this, and you got to like it.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Did you have any idea you would be in the bottom? Like, was that a surprise for you?

MOLLY POPPINZ: Well, like, because it's only four girls. It was like down to the wire. I was just like, it could be me. It could be any of us. And this other episode, it was like it was me and Queen. We're like, OK, we're the only ones with like, one win. Like, the others had like both a three under their belt.

So it was like, really down to me and Queen to get this like, last win to make it to the final. But then as soon as I saw Queen's little daughter, sister Kong, I was just like, oh, bitch. You've got this. And then I started to worry when I saw that gorgeous woman come to life in her makeup chair.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Oh my gosh. Yes, she was stunning. Like that was [INAUDIBLE]. I guess if you could go back and do the whole thing again, do you have things that you might want to change or knowing what the process is like for next time, for all-stars?

MOLLY POPPINZ: Oh, absolutely. Like, it was just like prepping for the show. Like, it was very stressful. We don't get a lot of time. So definitely I would prep differently. Like, I'd maybe like maybe bring some options if I could, so like the makeover definitely. Like, I wasn't so totally confident with my makeover looks. But yeah, if I was to go back and do it all, like fingers crossed, I would like have-- I would have a different Snatch Game character, that's for sure.

I wouldn't wear them off, because that was a choice. But yeah, but like, I think if I went back in, I'm just like, I've done it once. I wouldn't be so overwhelmed and freaking out the whole time and just like have more fun with it. Even though I did have a great time, but it was just like getting to my head and overthinking things. And so, I wouldn't do that. I would just like let me shine a bit more.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: I know there was talk on the show. Obviously, you and Hannah were besties. Ru was promoting that you guys go on a show together. Like, have you guys had any more discussions about that?

MOLLY POPPINZ: I'm open for it. If Miss Hannah Conda is open for it, I think we should definitely go on the road. Even if we did it like a brunch tour. Like, in this like, hop around all these little venues and did a brunch tour. But I would definitely love to go on the road with Miss Hannah Conda. Like, two little girls national tour, international tour, why not? So if she's down for it, I'm totally keen.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Amazing. I'm there. Count me in. That sounds amazing. Thank you so much for just taking the time out to chat with me, Molly.

MOLLY POPPINZ: Yeah, absolutely. Thank you for having me.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Anything else you want to add at all?

MOLLY POPPINZ: Not like, yeah, I'm happy if you're happy. This is great. Popping in for a little chat. So yeah, I love it.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Amazing. Really lovely to meet you and just best of luck with everything. Can't wait to see what's next.

MOLLY POPPINZ: Yes. Thank you so much. Mwah!

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Thanks, Susan. Bye!

SUSAN TAYLOR: Thanks, Lachlan. Bye!