Married woman defends sexy ‘cuddles’ with other men

Eliza Velk
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A  woman who operates a professional ‘cuddling’ business has been pulled up for using provocative images and videos as part of her online marketing approach.

Alaska’s husband Paul is (unsurprisingly) not happy about the way she’s marketing her services and called in trusty TV host Dr Phil after her business created a rift in their relationship.

Alaska defends her business saying she can’t see what the problem is. Source: CBS

Paul admitted to Dr Phil that he backed wife Alaska completely in the early days of her cuddling business after she claimed the sole purpose was to help people who suffered from PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

However after recognising the demand, Alaska has also included a dating service and began to use a very ‘sexy’ approach to attracting her clients, often posing in sheer lingerie in promotional images.

“These photos destroyed me,” Paul said while questioning what his wife’s business is really about. 

Would you consider these photos as crossing the line? Source: CBS
Husband Phil questions what partner Alaska is really up to after seeing her lingerie used for photoshoots. Source: CBS

Alaska meanwhile, was quick to defend herself and asserted she couldn’t see what was wrong with her job or the way she markets herself.

“These are provocative pictures,” Dr Phil told her, “These are suggestive, sexual pictures meant to stimulate, right? And, they did.”

“Yeah, it’s sexy” she responded.

The discussion actually has Phil rolling his eyes. Source: CBS

Alaska maintained her ‘service’ is to comfort others, whether that be with a cuddle, a date, a listening ear or hand holding, and that visual stimulations of her marketing simply assist with that.

The discussion then turned to concern for Alaska’s safety after Dr. Phil brought up some shocking statistics regarding the dangers linked with sexually charged jobs, including the fact that the likelihood of homicide is 51 times higher than other industries.

Either way, Alaska wasn’t about to back down.

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