Doug Pederson celebrates win over Cowboys by kicking fan out of news conference: 'Is he credentialed?'

Philadelphia Eagles fans are stoked.

A season that once looked lost now sees the Eagles in control of their playoff hopes after dusting the Dallas Cowboys in a pivotal NFC East matchup on Sunday.

With the Eagles now needing just a win over the hapless New York Giants next week to clinch the division, one fan expressed his joy by asking head coach Doug Pederson a question.

In his news conference. Without a credential.

‘Who is this?’

“Who is this?” Pederson asked with a look of stone-cold confusion on his face. “Is he credentialed? Time out.”

After taking the media timeout for security to remove the fan whose garbled questioned wasn’t decipherable via video, Pederson’s mood took a turn for the better.

“Holy cow,” Pederson said with a smile. “This’ll be on SportsCenter.”

How did he get there?

On one hand, it’s impressive that a fan was able to find his way into an NFL news conference. Sneaking into the bowels of an NFL stadium, much less making it past team-access security without a credential, is a feat.

On the other hand, it probably wasn’t worth it. Whatever awaited said fan on the other end of that security walk isn’t going to make his life better.

Then again, he’ll always have that clip. And for Eagles fans, who represent a special breed of football fandom, that just might be enough.

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A fan who interrupted Doug Pederson's news conference got the heave-ho on Sunday. (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)