Expert reveals the items you should never, ever regift

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Whether you think regifting is completely acceptable or not, we can almost guarantee that if you haven’t already done it before you’ve probably come pretty close.

Particularly after this year, plenty of people will likely be forgiven for not having enough in the budget to be able to buy Christmas presents for everyone, especially your second-cousin’s boyfriend.

There are a few rules to stick to when regifting. Photo: Youtube
There are a few rules to stick to when regifting. Photo: Youtube

And if you’re regifting something that you would never use but know the other person would love, is there really anything wrong with it?

Other than of course the fact they may have actually gone out and spent money to buy you a gift, leaving you feeling a little guilty at having not done the same.

However, the crucial part of the entire scenario is that the other person must never know you are giving them something that is a regift.

But according to the gifting experts at GroupTogether, an online tool that organises group gifts and collections, regifting is absolutely ok.

“It’s definitely ok, as long as you don’t get caught, or it’s used, or in less than PERFECT nick,” Ali Linz, Co-founder of GroupTogether tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Because if you do it can definitely become really awkward or embarrassing pretty quickly.

“I once grabbed a really fancy boxed whiskey for a close friend of mine as we arrived (late) to his birthday party,” Ali tells us.

“Upon seeing the box, a mutual friend asked if he could open it to drink then and there. My friend, the beautiful person that he is, didn’t hesitate.

“He opened it, only to find that nicely closed and layered box layers revealed a bottle that had 1/3 missing. I thought I was going to DIE of embarrassment. I laughed raucously and it’s gone down in the history of our friendship.”

She says there are plenty of rules around regifting, the most obvious and important one being that you never give a gift back to the person you got it from!

Regifting Rules

  1. Make sure you do not give the gift to the person who bought it for you!

  2. Make sure that you do not give it to the original givers friends or family.

  3. Remove the gift tag, price and any left-over bits of old wrapping paper or tape

  4. Never re-gift something that is bespoke, handmade or homemade

  5. Only re-gift brand new gifts that have not been opened

  6. Make sure to re-wrap in new wrapping paper or use a new gift bag

  7. Donate to charity

  8. Check for any forms of personalisation e.g. message in a book

  9. Next time you have to organise a gift for a friend, family member or colleague, pool together and get one great group gift or voucher that you know that they will really want!

GroupTogether also researched some of the worst regifted gifts.

So as long as you don’t do any of these things you should totally be safe to put your unwanted gifts to better use, rather than letting them simply collect dust at the bottom of the cupboard.

People share the worst regifted gifts

  1. A scratch pack for my birthday that had been scratched and re-gifted. Needless to say none of us were winners

  2. An engraved salad bowl engraved with the event it was won at ten years before

  3. Cracked Dinnerware complete with a $5 reduction sticker

  4. A scarf that I had given someone for their birthday a month prior to mine

  5. A book which had a Happy Birthday note for Sally. I am not Sally

  6. Makeup with finger marks through it

  7. Freebies from a hotel. Not even a real regift

  8. A gift card that had already been spent. It had a big fat zero balance

  9. A box of Xmas chocolates that wished the person who gave it to me a Merry Xmas

  10. Bath and body products with the internal seals removed

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