"It’s Like Eating Crispy Water": People Are Revealing Food And Drink Items They're Completely Disgusted By

Even if you tried it a billion times, sometimes you just can't stomach a certain kind of food. So when Reddit user u/cloudtdaz asked: "What food have you tried liking but just can’t?" plenty of people had opinions. Here's what said below:

1."Black licorice. I've accepted my DNA just can't stand the stuff."

a scoop of Black licorice


"My mom loves it. She makes it look so good I'm 29 and I still think: 'Hmm, maybe this time..' and nah. It's like tar vomit."


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2."Peeps, the Easter sugared candy. I like to think I can digest anything covered in sugar BUT NOT THAT."

peep bunnies inside grass


"I used to eat them all the time as a kid until one time I said, 'These are gross' and now I still can't stomach them."


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3."Wine. Every year I'll try it around the holidays with family and it's still gross."

two people touching wine glasses together


"You can only appreciate wine after you have tasted the bitterness of life."


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4."Olives. I've tried many varieties. I always try them because they look like they'd be good but they're just not."

a bowl of olives


"As a bartender for over a decade, I’m constantly surrounded by olives. They always look good and once in a while I’m like 'Do I like these yet?'

No. I still hate olives — and I hate myself more for trying again each time and expecting different results."

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5."I know this is a drink, but sparkling water. I like some flavors, but I can’t stand that after taste. Bleh."

a woman holding a glass of water


"The way I describe it: 'It's what TV static would taste like,' or 'It's the same flavor as hitting your funny bone.'"


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6."Matcha! Just tastes like grass to me."

a cup of matcha


"No, seriously — I do not get the hype about it at ALL. Like when people tell me matcha frappes at Starbucks are the best, I'm just like for real, dude? That shit tastes like creamier wheatgrass. Nasty."


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7."Kombucha smells like stinky feet and tastes like vinegar to me."

Kombucha being poured into a glass


"Kombucha absolutely DOES taste like vinegar, coming from someone who loves it. Other kombucha enjoyers will try to deny the vinegar taste, but I embrace it because I bloody love vinegar. I even have 'sipping vinegars' in my fridge in various flavors, to add to cocktails or to pour a shot glass of and sip on… just pure vinegar. It's very strange of me, and I totally understand why other people would not like that flavor."


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8."Beer of any kind. It always makes me very nauseous."

beer glass


"I've tried several beers and they always bloat me like I downed a packet of yeast. Some of the ones I've tried were good, but none of them were worth the pain."


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9."I can’t drink egg nog. Every year, I give it a shot and try to like it, but I just can’t."

egg nog inside glasses


"I mean, it’s essentially drinking (sometimes alcoholic) custard. So that’s fair."


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10."Raw tomatoes."

a bowl of tomatoes


"I can't stand tomatoes, but if something is made from tomatoes, I have no problem. Ketchup, tomato soup, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, etc. All fine, but tomatoes, whether whole or in pieces, I can't eat them. Probably the texture."


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11."Grape-Nuts. I hated them as a kid but as an adult I decided to try them again, thinking maybe my tastebuds had matured by then. Nope. They were still just as awful as I remembered."

a bowl of Grape-Nuts


"Little pieces of gravel. Love em."


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12."Overnight oats. They're basically lumpy, cold snot in my throat first thing in the morning. I gag just thinking about adding chia seeds."

Overnight oats in a jar


"If you ever give it a try again, I highly recommend taking your favorite fruit smashing it up into a chunky paste, and mixing it in. While not my favorite fruit, I love using bananas because they are cheap, easy to smash up and add a nice complex sweetness instead of adding something like brown sugar. I have been meaning to try it with peaches but I always eat all my peaches before I get a chance."


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someone cutting Celery


"It’s like eating crispy water."


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14."Beets. I just can't."

a bowl of Beets


"Vile root. Wash them, peel them, boil them, add sugar, mix with sour cream, and put in a salad — all you accomplish is different tastes to accompany the overwhelming flavor of DIRT."


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15."Any kind of mushroom, it's not the texture — there is always a taste that I can't do for some reason."


"The difference between raw and cooked mushrooms is wild to me. Cooked mushrooms, I’ll eat with a spoon. Raw mushrooms somehow taste as if styrofoam could go stale."


16."Watermelon. I try it again when someone says, 'OMG, this is the best watermelon,' and I can tell that it's good watermelon but I still very much dislike it. I really wish I did enjoy it."

a bowl of watermelon slices


"Same here. It tastes like crispy water mush. Even worse are cantaloupes. It’s that with a slightly off-putting taste."


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17."Raw oysters."

a plate of Raw oysters


"I used to eat raw oysters until I worked in a restaurant opening them. I’ve seen so many disgusting things in a freshly opened oyster that I’ve sworn them off for life. Live parasitic god knows what, or packed with rotting goo that smells like a diaper. Never again."


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18."Most definitely Brussel Sprouts. I've tried them in so many forms and yet I still hate them."

someone holding Brussel Sprouts


"I hated them all my life after having childhood trauma of them boiled to death then put on my plate. However, now I'm in my 50s and love cooking, I've given them another go. I like them roasted with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, they blacken on the outside and caramelize on the inside. I can also roast it with other chunky veggies or bacon too. I'm converted.

But not ever boiled yuck!"


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19."Spicy food. Never have been able to eat it."

a container of chillies


"My wife is a 'salt is spicy' kind of person, so I have to keep my own stash of hot sauces around, lol."


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Is there a particular food you absolutely cannot stomach, even if everyone else likes it? If so, tell us what it is in the comments below: