It's Donna Kelce's (Food) World, And We're Just Living In It

Donna Kelce smiling
Donna Kelce smiling - Lisa Lake/Getty Images

No matter how famous a football player might be, it's not common for their mother to be hoisted to a similar level of popularity. But when Grammy-award winner Taylor Swift came into the picture, that's exactly what happened for Donna Kelce, mother of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. After being spotted hanging out with Swift at an NFL game, Donna Kelce started receiving brand deals. Currently, she's partnering with the likes of KIND Snacks and Barefoot.

In a press release sent to Mashed, KIND Snacks has unveiled its plans for celebrating World Kindness Day on November 13. The brand will be releasing a bracelet in collaboration with the Little Words Project. The Little Words Project has long been associated with Swift; the brand sells an "In My Era" bracelet that commemorates the friendship bracelets frequently handed out among Swifties at Swift's Eras Tour.

Donna Kelce is also partnering with Barefoot Wine to teach new football fans, such as the ones who've jumped on board to support Swift's boyfriend Travis, the ins and outs of the game. Both of these collaborations come with freebies, though some are bigger than others.

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What Do The Collaborations Entail?

KIND bars and bracelet
KIND bars and bracelet - KIND Snacks and the Little Words Project

According to a press release shared with Mashed, KIND Snacks, the maker of KIND Bars, will be rewarding fans who visit the Little Words Project store on Blecker Street, New York, with a free bracelet. Stores on the Upper East Side of New York, Jersey Shore, New Jersey, Georgetown, Washington D.C., Boston, Massachusetts, San Francisco, California, Tampa, Florida, and Miami, Florida will be giving out 20% off coupons for use on KIND Snacks' website. Those who are not able to pick up a free bracelet can purchase one for $29.99 on KIND's website or Little World Project's website.

In a different collaboration with Donna Kelce, Barefoot Wines recently held a contest that awarded a group of four friends with box tickets to the November 20 Philadelphia vs. Kansas City Super Bowl LVII rematch. The fans will sit in the Barefoot Bandwagon Box with Donna Kelce, who will help explain the game to newcomers. Jen Wall, winemaker for Barefoot Wines, will be teaching fans about the brand's wines including Donna's favorite — Pinot Grigio. The contest ended on November 8, but no word has been publicly announced regarding the winners.

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